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About Lovetreats - India’s Online Shop for Intimate Toys and Adult Products

Lovetreats started in 2015 out of Bangalore, India by Balaji T.V. and Ute Wiemer. Our vision was to take a sex and body positive approach to the issue of toys for sex in India in which people are encouraged to explore their sexuality in a positive way, rather than trying to cash in on people’s fears and insecurities. Before starting the business, we conducted interviews with over 300 Indian women and men, asking them questions around adult products toys in India. The results of our survey showed that over 70% of the interviewees were curious to try sexual wellness products and sexual toys such as dildos, vibrators, cock rings and fleshlights, but didn’t know where to buy them safely and legally. That’s when we knew we were onto something with our idea to sell toys in India! Since then, we have shipped over 25000 imported adult toys across India, from metro cities to small towns we had never heard of. The top product categories for us at Lovetreats are adult toys for women and men, lubricants, soft bondage accessories and curated gift boxes. Lately we are also seeing a strong trend towards sex aid for couples in India, such as remote or app controlled vibrators for couples.

All You Need To Know About Legality of Sex Toys in India

There is a common misconception that these toys are banned for sale in India which is not true. There is actually no specific Indian law referring to sexual wellness products - however, India has certain laws governing ‘obscenity’ which have to be followed when buying or selling toy for sex in India. If you order online at Lovetreats, your sex toy is always shipped from our India based warehouse, so you don't have to worry about customs or legal issues. All the products you can find at Lovetreats are 100% legally imported into India and are in compliance with the local laws and customs procedures. This article explains the details of the legality of sex toys in India and gives some insights into how sexual aids are imported into India.

A Contradiction in Itself?

Indians and sex toys don’t mix? We have to disagree! Ever wonder how many Indians buy sex toys every month? Whether erotic products are legal in India? Need to know where to buy sex toys in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi? We’ve got the answers for you! Welcome to Lovetreats, India’s best pleasure store! We pride ourselves in making a fun, safe, and legal space for Indian women, men, and couples to explore adult toys to spice up their love lives. Go ahead! Explore, be curious, and discover your naughty side!

The History of Sex Toys in India

India was not always as shy and closeted about sex and sexuality as today. Anybody saying that toys and self-pleasure are the side effects of progress is just plain wrong. They have always existed alongside everyday life and the history of sexual toys goes back thousands of years - not just in India, but on every continent. Did you know that the oldest toy for sex ever found was 30,000 years old dildo? Yes, you heard that right! 28,000 BC is the assumed birthdate of the oldest dildo ever found. This officially counts as a pre-historic era. These pre-historic adult toys may not be the best to look at, but we are sure couples and individuals were discovering new peaks of pleasure with these toys even before “morality” existed, just as toys in India are enjoyed today by thousands of couples across the country. Around 400-200 BD, the famous Kama Sutra was written where it is suggested that a penis piercing made of gold or ivory or even wood should be used to enhance the length of the penis for female pleasure. We quite like the idea of sexual aid made of gold - how exciting that this was an invention from India! Could you have imagined that the history of sex products in India goes back more than 1500 years? Later on, cock rings and ben wa balls were invented in China and used by Geishas to enhance sexual pleasure using these innovative toys. The vibrator then was only invented in 1869 AD by European doctors. Based on their questionable findings that women suffer from “hysteria”, doctors invented the first steam-powered vibrator as a device to cure women of the hysteria. Today, we have it much easier as women looking to buy a dildo or a vibrator in India - no need to see a doctor to go intimate toys shopping anymore (plus, vibrators have become much more stylish and handy!).

Adult Toys in India Today

Today, there’s a multimillion dollar intimate toys market in Indian metro cities alone, and tier 2 and 3 cities as well as rural areas are just getting started. More than 15000 people search for sex toys India online every day, and over 6000 vibrators (vibrating toys for women) alone are sold online in India everyday. According to market research, most of the these toys business in India is currently online, as this offers shoppers the option for discreet billing and shipping - because most Indians do not want their neighbors to know what erotic products they have ordered online! Sex products in India is certainly not a secret niche market anymore, thanks to the Internet. While most of the Indian sex playthings shoppers are male, female buyers increase steadily year on year. At Lovetreats, about 40% of our toys customers in India today are women.

Where Indian Consumers Buy intimate products

There is a common misconception that intimate products are banned for sale in India. This is not true - there is actually no specific Indian law referring to sexual wellness products - however, India has certain laws governing ‘obscenity’ which have to be followed when deciding how and where to buy sex toys in India. However, in India toys for sex are not often purchased in physical stores, because Indian consumers want to avoid judgment and hassle. Instead of sales in physical stores, online sales of these products in India are increasing steadily and this trend will only grow stronger in the coming years and decades as the Indian population of people under the age of 30 is growing at a fast speed and Indian society is becoming more open to pleasure and sexuality as important parts of life. The e-commerce market for erotic intimacy products is the most important growth factor for the adult market in India. Buying adult toys in India online will become easier, cheaper and more fun for online shoppers in the future, that’s for sure! A larger variety of different toys such as dildos, vibrators, fleshlights and couple massagers is becoming available in India these days, which makes the experience for Indian consumers better. While sexual aid have already become part of mainstream culture in Western countries such as United States, the sexual products industry in India is still developing and therefore growing at a fast speed.

India’s Most Popular Sex Products

The popularity of sex products amongst Indian consumers is increasing day by day and more Indian internet users are searching for these toys India every month. India contributes 5% to 10% of the global search for adult toys and this number is increasing steadily. When it comes to sexual wellness toys and other erotic products, the tastes are different across the globe - A bestselling dildo in the US may not be as popular a choice for shoppers in India for example. So what are the most popular toys for sex in India?

Most Popular Toys For Women in India

India’s most popular intimate toys for women are vibrating erotic massagers, also known as vibrators. A vibrator is the perfect sex toy for both clitoral and G-spot stimulation and can be used to massage all erogenous zones of the body. Most Indian women prefer vibrators, because a vibrator is the quickest route to orgasm for many. Vibrators in India are available in a variety of shapes, styles and options. From slim vibrators, often described as vibrating dildos, to the famous rabbit vibrators (with little rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation), magic wand massagers and external massagers also referred to as clitoral vibrators - If you’re looking to buy a vibrator in India, you will be suprised at the variety of choices available to you! For beginners who are new to adult toys, we recommend starting off with a small vibrator such as a bullet vibrator or a slim vibrating dildo. Another popular choice in sexual toys for women are dildos which are in huge demand in India as well. Dildos are phallic shaped toys made of silicone which can be inserted vaginally to pleasure the G-spot, cervix and entry of the vaginal canal where the most nerve endings are located. For first time buyers, we recommend choosing a dildo of a smaller to medium size and using a good amount of lube with it!

Most Popular Adult Toys For Men in India

The most popular intimate products for men in India are fleshlights, also known as penis sleeves or masturbation sleeves. These fleshlights are often shaped in erotic forms and simulate the feeling of intercourse or oral sex. The inner sleeve is typically made of textured and soft silicone which wraps tightly around the penis giving a feeling similar to sex. Fleshlights and other toys for men are available in a large variety online in India. Another popular option in products for men in India are vibrating penis rings, also known as cock rings, which are worn on the base of the penis during sex to enhance the erection and help the man last longer in bed.

Most Popular Intimate Products For Couples in India

For couples toys, there are different popular items in India. Number one are products for couples, such as couple massagers and remote controlled vibrators which can be used by couples to spice things up and to explore new ways of experiencing sexual pleasure together. Another popular sex toy for couples in India are soft bondage items like handcuffs, blindfolds and whips and paddles. These 50 Shades of Grey inspired sex toys can add some masala to any bedroom in India! Anal toys for sex which are used for anal play are also becoming increasingly popular in India.

Our Discreet Shipping & 100% Privacy policy

Shopping for sex toys online enables our customers to shop discreetly - when it comes to sexual wellness products, peoples don’t want their neighbors, colleagues or relatives to know what they are buying. Discreetness and confidential packaging are our customers’ number one concern when buying toys for sex in India. In addition to discreet packaging, we also find knowledgeable customer service and product quality as essential factors in gaining our customers’ trust. We find that when it comes to adult products, there is a lack of awareness in India about how and why to use sexual wellness products. Information is not easily available to consumers, as the sales staff in pharmacies and drug stores is often not capable or comfortable answering questions related to sexual health and pleasure. That’s why we make an effort in offering exceptional customer service as well as curating sexual aid we offer for sale in India carefully for quality. We also constantly hold focus group discussions around new aid which are available in India and now have a large group of product testers who give us feedback which we factor in while choosing the toys which we feature on our online shop. In some cases we have even passed on the feedback to manufacturers who have made special sex toy batches just for India, based on our customers' feedback.

100% Legal

All the products on our website are 100% legal with proper customs clearance and required certificates.

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