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10 Ways To Reignite Passion In The Bedroom

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At some point most couples find themselves in a sexless relationship - For some, it may last a long time while for others the dry spell is short lived. According to author Alain de Botton’s 'How to Think More About Sex', couples often forget passion while dealing with the business of domesticity.

But it’s not a problem without solution. It's crucial not to let sex, or the absence of it, become the 'elephant in the room', but to acknowledge the problem and address it openly. We all know talking about sex is hard - but in this case is absolutely essential.

Once you cross the bridge and get talking, here are a few solutions to try and bring back sexual chemistry:

    1. Go on a vacation, or a staycation. Book a hotel in the city you live in, pack a few weekend getaway essentials, get a couple spa appointment or better yet give each other massages. This could act as a reminder of your honeymoon where you spent more time exploring each other’s bodies than the scenery.  



    2. Discuss adding more spice in the bedroom by trying out new sexual positions, role play, and BDSM, if both partners are curious. You can buy these adult products at our online shop and get them conveniently and discreetly delivered to your house!



      3. Encourage each other to share and fulfill your sexual fantasies. Whether it involves dressing up as a hot character from a manga, having sex outdoors, trying out a new position or experimenting with anal sex, oral sex or sex toys, give this one a shot. 

      4. Gift your partner a sex toy and watch each other pleasuring oneself. It is a powerful visual and will help your partner to look at you in a different light. Sex toys are easy to buy even in India these days, just order them online.


      5. If you’re more traditional, do the dinner, date and romantic lights routine. Surprise your partner with a gift, dress up and spend a romantic night you won’t ever forget.



      6. Meet each other at a bar and act like strangers who try to pick each other up. Flirting and remembering the good old days, when you had just begun dating, can bring the passion from those days back again.


      7. Consult a sex therapist/counselor who can help diagnose if the problems faced in the bedroom are graver than just creating the right mood.



      8. Sext with each other and send sexy pictures of yourself during the day so that your partner knows you’re thinking about them.


      9. One of the slightly more risky and adventurous ways could be seeing other people, after discussing with one’s partner. An open relationship or marriage works wonders for some people.



      10. Make gift coupons for each other with the only difference that the coupons would have sexual favors written on them.


        Maintaining a healthy relationship takes work, it is about choosing one’s partner every day and also making efforts so that the relationship doesn’t become a chore. While you may love each other a great deal, it is normal to loose the initial sexual energy a few months or years into the relationship - that's when the work begins. But it's worth it, we promise!

        Written by Asmita Sarkar

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