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3 Ways To Boost Your Bachelorette Party

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A bachelorette party can evoke some rather stereotypical images in the collective imagination. A stripper is hired (often in some civic uniform), products carrying phallic imagery are encouraged, heavy drinking is an absolute must and a significant amount of money is expected to be spent. As is the nature of stereotypes, there exist many people who don't exactly subscribe to this idea of fun, and there are people who completely do!


In order to truly celebrate the bride and all that makes her special and unique,  you need look at the things that would make her happy and feel appreciated. It's about time that we started addressing the personal tastes of the bride in question. The whole notion that there's a one size fits all style bachelorette party out there is utter rubbish.

Think about the very essence of it, it's an occasion which commemorates a woman's last day before her transition into married life. Surely, people would prefer something thoughtful and personal and every woman ought to have a right to her own, ideal bachelorette!

Here are some ways you can boost your bachelorette party:

1. Have a good ol' slumber party
Hey, the classics always work! Sure, you're not in school anymore, but can you honestly think of anything than better an old-fashioned night filled with some classic high school movies, junk food (yes, stock up on the Cheetos, candy and anything that contains trans-fats) and adult-only drinking games?

slumber party popcorn

Don't forget to throw in the bachelorette badges, a bucket list and maybe even a ouija board to get things really interesting. Dress up one of your friend’s as a fortune-teller, light up some candles and let your ‘fortune-teller’ dictate the future of everyone’s love life!

2. Have a spa home!
Who says that a bachelorette party has to be a crazy night where you paint the town red. Anyone who's planned a wedding knows that the days leading to it can be the most stressful ones known to mankind! And, what if you could just have a spa day at home?

Sounds worrying? Don’t fret, it's rather easy, all you need to do is set up a relaxing, calm environment at home (candles, incense, you know the drill) and turn a home into a fully functional spa with all the necessary oils, scrubs, some steam, and whatever else you fancy. Trust us, nothing takes the edge off quite like a rejuvenating day indoors. Make sure the bride gets extra special treatment of course.

3. Have a classic girl’s night out!

women partying
Yes, we do tend to overthink and make things far more elaborate than they should be. Sometimes, all a bride-to-be really wants is a wild night out with her closest crew! A night to be silly, in the midst of all the nuptial seriousness! Get the woman of the hour a funky bride-to-be sash and let your hair down! Or try our drunk and drama queen shot glasses or just go with the spunky wedding hamper to keep things naughty yet fun! Don't forget to pick up the Hangover Kit for the next day though. (You're welcome!)

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