08 May 2018 Ute Wiemer

1. Zatak

This has to be one of the cheesiest ads ever. A tailor applies some talc on his armpits before getting down to noting the measurements of a hot lady customer. And the minty fragrance of his armpits turns her on. Her cold gasps were seemingly too hot for the censor board and they had to chop it down. Also, many young men chose to become a tailor soon after watching this commercial.

2. Wild Stone

A Bengali woman gets seduced by a man after he sprays some deodorant on his sexy toned body. Set against the sounds and colours of a traditional Bengali puja, this ad offended the religious and the sensitive at one go.

 3. New York Lotto

This Vintage Ad ft. Vivek Oberoi and Bipasha Basu: In 1999, Vivek Oberoi and Bipasha Basu starred in a TV commercial for a lottery brand. And oh dear god, both are looking so damn good! Bipasha has gone absolutely topless for the commercial, and she has nailed it. Must watch, we say!

4. Godrej Cinthol featuring MoonMoon Sen

While I will look for those “controversial” soap ads in question, here’s a toilet powder advertisement from 1986 featuring Moon Moon Sen from a brand that also made soaps, Godrej’s Cinthol.

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