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...And Why They Shouldn't be Worrying About Them!

woman mirror This is always going to be a meaty topic of discussion. And one worth discussing - if only to understand how much unnecessary angst and pain we put ourselves through with body image insecurities.

Most of our perceived flaws are not even noticed in the company of a loving partner. How do we know that? Because we asked some men about how these particular insecurities affected their pleasure in bed. Turns out, most of them weren't  even thinking about them; they were just happy to be with a fun partner!

1. Boob Shy: Pendulous, droopy, tiny, too big, asymmetrical: our boobs come in many shapes and sizes and it seems like every variation is far away from the ideal. One thing we need to start actively thinking about is this: there is no standard boob. That's a wonderful myth created by the porn industry that regularly features one kind of breast. Boobs are beautiful no matter how different you might think the 'ideal is'. Hence, it comes to your sexual partner, you can be assured they are ecstatic just holding yours.

2. Morning Breath: OK, so a night of wine can create a foul mouth the next morning. We're aware that nobody is really into bad breath. But we also know that spontaneous morning sex can be one the of the most amazing experiences. What's the best thing to do? Well there's always the bottle of cloves or cardamom you can keep at the bedside. Pop one of those in your mouth and then nudge your partner for a little morning sunshine.

3. The Human Tendency to Fart: We're all human, but many women like to pretend we aren't. At least while we're in bed. Granted, if you have farted in the middle of sex it can truly be one of the most mortifying experiences of your life. But it's also the most human thing you can do. It's OK. Laugh it off, giggle, roar: it's OK to have something funny happen, and if you are with the right partner, you will organically lead that very embarrassing moment to a moment of shared laughter.

4. Clean down there: Feeling fresh down there is a prerequisite for many women to have sex comfortably. The vagina must be loved and groomed according to individual preference of course, but maybe we obsesses over it a little too much. We know that some ladies won't even consider letting their partner give oral sex unless they have showered.

The vagina, for the most part, is self cleaning and if it a helps, you can use a wet wipe to feel fresh before sex. But don't try to now scrub out the natural scent; that's bad for your pH levels and will actually dry out and ironically, lead to infections that will make vaginal odor really heavy. There is a reason women have a musky smell, it's attracts your partner, it comes down to mother nature, and she designed all of us well.

So ladies, we've been pretty upfront about the things we get worried about in bed. We hope this helps you understand that it's not just you, it's all of us. Relax, be you, enjoy yourself and your body. That's the sexiest thing you can do. Period.


Written by Rheea Mukherjee. Rheea spent most of her life moving between the US and India. In 2011, she decided enough was enough and moved back to Bangalore for good where she founded Write Leela Write with her friend Kala. Rheea writes awesome blogs and other things for Lovetreats. She loves dogs, attempts yoga and fantasizes about becoming vegan. Rheea also just published her first book, "Transit For Beginners"!

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