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5 Things About Self-Pleasure And Women

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Founded by feminist filmmaker Paromita Vohra, Agents Of Ishq (AOI) is one of our favourite sex-positive destinations on the Internet. In May, AOI spoke to a 100 women about their experiences with masturbation. Yes uncle, it’s 2017 and it’s time to accept that women are also people, they also have desires and fantasies and MASTURBATION GIVES WOMEN PLEASURE TOO. We had to say that loudly because as you’ll find out in the survey: 21% of the women said that people around them did not believe that women can masturbate.

It’s an often less-spoken-about subject. There are a lot of social taboos around women talking about the desires and sexuality. I guess it makes patriarchy squeamish while also making it look weaker than the macho image it likes to carry around.

As AOI puts it:

“Why don’t we talk about girls masturbating? Because then we’d have to admit that women have, let’s see, what is that called – sexual desires and needs which are physical; and that women think of sex by itself, not only when they are in love. Masturbation is an important way in which we have a relationship with our selves and get to understand our sexual natures, fantasies and preferences. That’s the foundation of healthier and happier sex lives.”

While you can read the complete results on their website, here are five of our favourite conclusions from the survey.

  1. 32% said they masturbate everyday.

You go girl! Not to say that the other women are any lesser for indulging less in self-pleasure but we’re just happy to know that 32% of the women who were interviewed for the survey were comfortable with themselves and the idea of self-pleasure.

  1. Different women clock different times to achieve orgasm.

Ladies, it’s not a race. Different bodies work differently. 28% of the women said they take anywhere between 1-5 minutes to orgasm. A majority 46% women take 5-10 minutes. Sometimes, orgasms are mood-dependent and come only if they feel like. Here are the full results.

  1. 80% prefer porn as a stimulant.

Yes, 80%. If this doesn’t ring the alarm bells of porn industry, which makes porn that only serves men, god only know what will. Men, now that you know this fact, do listen to your women about the porn they like. Note: We said “listen”, not “talk”.


  1. Only 17% women use vibrators.

Ladies, ladies, ladies! We applaud your ingenuity when it comes to using “household tips and tricks” — 54% women use them to play with themselves BUT you can’t leave behind the toys that have been designed and engineered to perfection to pleasure you. Yes, this is a shameless self-plug. Pun intended.

  1. Women have hilarious masturbation stories.

You know a collection of stories is going to make you laugh your heart out when it starts with: “When she’s gotta do it she’s going to do it anywhere.” We’ve heard all the male stories since they never seem to shut up about them or we’ve seen them all in the movies. So men, brace yourselves when you find out that women had the same coming-of-age stories as you did. Here’s a sample:

Visit the Agents Of Ishq’s “What 100 Women Told Us About Masturbation” post to read more about this fantastic, myth-dispelling, self-love-promoting survey.

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