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The Lovetreats Story

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How we came up with the Lovetreats idea

A game of Cards Against Humanity. That’s where it all started. While a bunch of friends were figuring out how to insult and outrage each other, a couple of others began talking about desi love, sex, and dhoklas, and that is how the idea of Lovetreats came about.

This group bonded over all the exciting, positive changes in Indian metros. If you discount dumb things our politicians say, Indians are more open minded and progressive than they were 10 years ago. For one, Bollywood no longer resorts to showing a rose shaking to indicate a kiss and even the most skeptical amongst us would agree that our cultural and sexual landscape is changing, and fast.

But India continues to be complicated. Even as a sex shop is all set to open in ultra conservative Saudi Arabia, we Indians seem to be shy about sex and a little hesitant about exploring a whole world of goodies that could make it better. We wondered why. While there are Indian websites that retail sexual toys, none of them made us feel at ease. We were seeking something that would make women feel comfortable and offer a classy shopping experience. We were seeking something different. That’s why Lovetreats is here.

We are a 100% legal, discreet, classy online destination where Indian women and couples can shop for treats to make their love lives better. We believe that the online shopping experience, the packaging, the choice of toys, and our customer care experience will convince shoppers that buying intimate toys doesn't have to be sleazy or offensive.

The Lovetreats folks honestly believe that intimacy and sexual satisfaction is a very important part of all our lives and with a little openness and curiosity, our customers can make their relationships, with their bodies and with their partners, a whole lot better. And may we say we are loving the whole journey of creating Lovetreats so far.

We have already chanced upon so many wonderful products we never knew existed: Candles that transform into massage oil as they burn, edible chocolate body paint, a vibrator that looks like a diamond, a flower shaped fashion accessory that can be transformed into a blindfold - elegant toys that are made for couples to use together. We cannot wait to share our goodie basket of creative, beautiful products with you in September! We are currently working on putting together our first selection of products and are looking for enthusiastic product testers for honest feedback.

We will share details about this on our facebook page. We are building our online platform and making exciting decisions about how our packaging and design will look. Sign up for updates on our blog if you are interested in knowing more about our story or just want to say hello. We at Lovetreats are a friendly, motley bunch. Staffed mostly by women, our transnational team features a gaming industry pro, an economics and philosophy graduate, a radio expert and pop culture addict, an IT guru, a passionate graphic designer and a young graduate from a communications school in Bangalore to power this idea whose time has come!

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