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First off, confession time, I am somewhat of a newbie when it comes to sex toys. My ex-boyfriend had once brought back a rabbit vibrator from one of his work trips abroad, and while I was surprised and flattered, the rabbit spent more time in a locked drawer at work than it did in my possession, because I lived with my parents at the time and was scared to bring it home. I also shudder to think who discovered my secret because the rabbit got um lost at office. It was all quite mysterious, and I remember frantically looking for it when I quit my job. But it was never reunited with its rightful owner and I hope whoever owns it now is a happy bunny!

So now that the good, kind folks at Lovetreats gave me the Fun Factory Jam vibrator to use and review, I felt really excited and curious. How cool is it that you can actually buy sex toys in India these days?! The Jam comes in a pencil-box sized package and is easy to store in a discreet bag in your bedside drawer, while travelling or otherwise. Definitely a plus when you live in India! It's a battery operated vibrator, so basically a dildo with a vibrating function. It is non-threatening to look at - mine was a cute neon pink colour and fit into my palm. In terms of the feel of this sex toy, it’s sort of firm but pliable, the silicone feels smooth and has some ridges on it in the centre. It uses 1 AA battery which hasn’t run out and I already tried it out four times since I got my hands on it...

Now about how it feels, sounds, and how it made me feel. To begin with, it is super duper quiet! I mean I could use it with my mom in the room and she wouldn’t know (I would never do that of course, but you get my point). In my experience, this sex toy is good for solo play as well as adding some fun in the bedroom with your partner, as part of a new foreplay routine. Secondly, it is very easy to work. You just have to turn the cap to the right and get it going, as it has just one speed setting. For me the greatest pleasure from the toy was to use it like a massager, so externally on my clit and not so much as a dildo. I normally never use lube, but while using this sex toy I really felt the need for some extra lube to heighten sensations and have it glide easier. I highly recommend using some sort of water based lubricant to actually get the best of out this sex toy. Post use, it is easy to clean with just water and soap. I went a little overboard and used Dettol also!

All in all, the Jam is definitely a winner! Owning a sex toy motivated me to pay more attention to my body during a busy work week and gave me all sorts of pleasure. I found it super easy to operate and loved the intensity of the vibrations. Next time, I would probably spring for a more expensive sex toy with more settings and speeds, because I know my body and what it needs. But if you are just looking for a reasonably priced, quiet, discreet looking sex toy to get you started and see how it feels, the Jam is a perfect place to begin. Guys, if you want to surprise your wife or girlfriend with a ‘thinking of you’ sort of toy that you can use together or for her solo-times, this is the most friendly, sweet looking thing you can go for! And it may just make her miss you more #justsaying. Hope my review helped you. It was fun to do all the hard work to write it for you folks!

Priya, 34, Film Maker living in Bangalore

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