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Our Guide to Using Lubricants

What if we told you you could dramatically improve your love life with as little as 400 rupees? All you need to do is get your hands on some lubricant and have that much more fun between the sheets. Lubricant is highly underrated and many couples don’t use it as often as they should, maybe because they think it is only for couples who have ‘problems in the bedroom’. Well, it is not! Lube is everyone's best friend. Try it, and you will never go back. The wetter, the better! Just apply a small amount of lube (about the size of an almond) on the penis and/or vagina before sex, foreplay, masturbation, or anal intercourse for a smooth feeling an easy gliding.

First off, yes lube can be a saviour for women who are experiencing some amount of vaginal dryness. Even young women often feel less lubricated than they would like. This can be because of nutrition, medication, hormonal changes, stress and simply because the female body is not a machine! So, an extended amount of foreplay is very important before you get right into it, but lube can make sex more fun for both the man and the woman. Just be careful to use the right amount of lube so you aren’t mopping up the stuff.

One of the biggest advantage of water and silicone based lubes (which are the ones we at Lovetreats keep in store for you) is that they are safe to use with condoms. Oil and petroleum based products such as coconut oil or petroleum jelly can be used as alternatives to lubes, but they make condoms ineffective. If you want to use a lubricant with your sex toy (always a good idea!), make sure to use a water based one.

So now that we have given you the 101 on lubes, let us introduce you to fun scenarios where you can use them creatively!

Condom Haters Unite

Does your man complain about condom use? Or have you wished that using protection didn’t dry you out so much? A tiny drop of lube before your partner slips on a condom, or a dab of it after he has it on, can intensify pleasure and make protected sex feel silkier. Just reapply if you are going for a marathon session.

The perfect companion for condoms: Easyglide Water Based

Try a new flavour every night

Magazines may encourage us to experiment with whipped cream, honey and hot wax, but none of us wants a mishap in the bedroom that can be a complete mood killer. But flavoured lube can really help make oral action feel more exciting and help you keep at it longer whether you are a man or a woman. So make lube your best bud and your partner will thank you for it!

Try Bioglide's delicious organic cherry flavoured one!

Use it with a toy

Using lube with toys can amp up sensations and help it glide easier, just make sure the kind of lube you are using is toy friendly. In general you should never use silicone based lube with toys, and water based lubes are best.

For an extra kick, try Durex Play Tingle and enjoy its tingling effect!

Use it like a massage oil

Do you reach for that old bottle of coconut oil by the bedside when it comes to giving your partner a massage? It really can be more erotic than that, we promise. Just experiment with our collection of special lubricants for a truly silken, slippery ride around each others bodies. Lubes like this function for hours, moisturize your skin and some even have a gently warming action with incredible smells of ginger, aloe vera and other good stuff.  

Durex's Massage Lubricant entices you with the aphrodisiac aroma of  Ylang Ylang.

Use it under the shower

You can also use thicker silicone based lubes that stay on for longer if you are thinking of an impromptu session in the shower. Water tends to dry you out faster, especially if you are spending time in a tub, or under warm water for an extended period of time, so reach out for a dab of silicone lube and you can recreate your favourite steamy scene from a movie or create your own wet and wild fantasy, live!

Easyglide's extremely long lasting silicone lube is perfect for some shower action!

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