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Lovetreats Lab: Review of the Amorino

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Amore at first sight!

When I heard that you can now buy sex toys in India, I immediately knew I wanted to try it out, and, after doing some research, chose the Amorino. The Amorino is a brightly coloured and yet sleek vibrating dildo that delivered on my first try and many others since. Initially I was unsure about the band but decided to attach it on my first use and I have never looked back!! The vibrator is so quiet you don’t need to worry about your flatmate or any nosy neighbourhood aunties overhearing. Personally I found the band (which you choose to use or not) in the figure of eight position added the extra stimulation that a normal vibrator (and penetration) does not always offer. Oh, and it has four different speed settings too including the appropriately named ‘razzle dazzle’ mode if you fancy mixing things up a bit! Highly recommended for some quality ‘me ’ time during a night in or even to lift your spirits after a disappointing night out! One of the best things about this vibrator is that the power lasts for a really long time for multiple uses and you can charge it on your laptop (just plug in to your USB port and ‘voila’) so it’s perfect for ‘working from home’ too!

Karishma, 28, Researcher living in Bangalore  

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