6 Stories Where Sex Toys Changed Lives

6 Stories Where Sex Toys Changed Lives

05 Nov 2017 Asmi Uniqus

1. My Boyfriend Bought Us This Vibrator & It Completely Changed Our Sex Life

“My boyfriend’s purchase showed me that I don’t have to be embarrassed just because I want to have a fulfilling sex life. I don’t need to sacrifice my pleasure just because I have the tendency to be a little shy. It’s MY body, and I’m learning to love it and treat it right.” - (Source)

2. A Blue Vibrator Changed My Sex Life

“It took getting myself off to learn that sexual chemistry requires a give and take. Once I knew how I liked to be touched, I dropped the fake porny act and realized that compromising my own pleasure for the sake of someone else's feelings was only going to hurt my relationships.” - (Source)

3. I Used A Fleshlight And It Was One Of The Greatest Sexual Experiences Of My Life

“A few weeks ago I was in an online rabbit hole and saw an ad for Fleshlights. If you’re not familiar with what they are, it’s basically the dildo equivalent of a guy’s sex toy. I started thinking about it and trying to figure out why it was so acceptable in my mind for a girl to have a sex toy, but for a guy, it would be weird. We can both use our hands, but sometimes you want a change.” - (Source)

4. How A Plug-In Massager Changed My Life (And Marriage)

“In fact, everyone on the planet should have one. There ought to be one at the library where I work, to help librarians chill after encounters with difficult patrons. They certainly ought to be mandatory at tax time. And world leaders should be required to administer hot vibrating Mr. Yippee massages to each other before important negotiations.” - (Source)

5. My First Vibrator: A Love Story

“I had to wait until afternoon, when my roommate was in class, to take my new toy for a spin. And thank you Dr. Barbach for the excellent idea: vibrators rule! My first vibrator taught me so much about my body, what I like, what I should ask partners to do, and the best surprise: I don’t have to stop at just one orgasm, or two…or even three.” - (Source)

6. Vaginas, Vibrators, and Valentine’s Day

“Buying myself a sex toy and then talking to my friends about using it felt like the most illicit, sexy, scandalous way one could spend a Valentine’s Day. It was a celebration of friend love and self love and self reliance and girl power, and it turned me on and got me off and excited me and satisfied me and left me wanting more, more, more.” - (Source)

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