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Valentine’s Day is all about love and intimacy! So why not go for a sensual gift for you and your sweetheart? So this year, don’t settle for roses and chocolates and instead get your special someone a naughty gift that brings you two even closer!

1. Racy Lingerie

Whether you're in the mood for romance, for something exotic or innocent - lingerie is the perfect accessory for spicing things up! 

Why you'll want it: Because wearing something pretty and lacy doesn’t only make a woman look incredibly sexy, it’s also a real confidence booster.

Get it here.

2. Naughty Coupons

Bring sexy back with a flirty checkbook, specially designed for lovers! 

Why you'll want it:  With lots of fun ideas and suggestions, this coupon book makes for the perfect gift if you and your partner want to break out of your routine.

Get it here.

  • 3. Spicing Things Up Gift Box
  • Some sugar, some spice, some nice and some naughty. This pretty gift box includes a variety of goodies like a sex toy, sensual massage oil and naughty coupons, imported from Europe.

    Why you'll want it: Hand picked by experts, the products in this gift box offers an exciting mix of romantic and naughty products.

    Get it here.

  • 4. Chocolate Body Paint
  • Get creative with this chocolate flavoured body paint that can be used to draw doodles and paint on the skin.

    Why you'll want it: This unique gift inspires creativity and fun!

    Get it here.

  • 5. Sexy Body Ribbon
  • Just wrap yourself with nothing but the sexy gift ribbon! The silky fabric of the wearable red ribbon is designed to bring out your curves. It can be a great gift idea too - just wait until she realizes she’s going to be the gift herself!

    Why you'll want it: Because the best gift is always you!

    Get it here.

  • 6. Warming Massage Candle
  • Light the candle and let it burn for some minutes while the scented wax transforms into a luxurious, lukewarm massage oil that can be drizzled directly on the skin. Thanks to the special soy wax formula, the oil has just the right temperature for a massage and feels nice and warm on the skin without burning it.

    Why you'll want it: Because there is nothing more sensual than a romantic massage.

    Get it here.

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