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7 Unusual Wedding Gift Ideas

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Wedding season is almost in full swing and we realise that picking out the right gift is always a tough choice. Is it even possible to gift something meaningful, interesting and fun to someone on their wedding day? It totally is! And here are some options you can check out before you lose your hair over the issue.

#1. Edible Naughty Gifts

Like edible body paint. Yes, it’s a thing! And it comes in delectable flavours like
chocolate and strawberry. If you’re looking for something more romantic than naughty, then opt for an edible massage oil. Chocolate, strawberry, cherry, caramel or coffee - the varieties and virtually endless. Or how about a massage candle which melts into a delicious, kissable massage oil? Combine the edible gifts with a satin blindfold and you’re good to go!

#2. Quick Fix Gift Box

Lovetreats makes it easy for you. We’re all pressed for time and pretty indecisive to boot. In the fast moving modern age gifts like the
Spunky Wedding Hamper and the Romantic Gift Box come as a huge boon. A potpourri of goodness that keeps the new home happy and the ultimate solution for people who want to give an extraordinary gift that the couple will actually use to make time for intimacy!

#3. Bed, Bath & Beyond!

Sure, household appliances are passé and we all agree. But what if you took an old convention and added your own spin on it? Bath products don’t have to be crass or mundane. You could get an
aphrodisiac rose water, a luxurious scrub and combine it with a sensual fruity or minty bath gel.

#4. Bedroom Games

Adult games are sure to bring out the wild side of any newlywed couple. Pick out a
role-playing game or one that lets you experiment with novel sex positions. If you’ve already bought a gift and would like to add a naughty yet romantic spin to it, include a naughty coupons booklet and you’re sorted.

#5. Making Travel Sexy

The honeymoon is where all the magic happens. So why not buy something which the newlyweds can use during that time? The
Geisha’s secret collection has five travel-size portions of massage oils, bath gel, body power and a balm. Or pick the Toka Massage Gel which comes in travel sized sachets and mini pouch to carry your naughty treats.

#6. The start of something beautiful

Like the aroma of a freshly baked madeleines, even a marriage ought to begin on a note that pleases our olfactory senses. Why not start off with a diffuser for the bedroom, perhaps complement it with a
rose tinged aroma oil or maybe massage candles infused with fragrances of grapefruit or rose? To cut to brass tacks, the start to a good marriage lies in a comfy bedroom that smells of romance and intimate familiarity.

#7. Body Massager

If you are feeling really adventurous and know the couple-to-be will appreciate it - why not try gifting them a body massager? The
diamond massager, for instance, looks deceivingly like a perfume bottle - no one needs to know what secret it holds within. Slightly more ergonomic, the Layaspot is a great budget-friendly option! Don’t forget to combine your gift with a water-based lubricant.


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