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How long can you persist with the Netflix - Takeout regime over the weekend? Granted, there are many joys experienced and truths unraveled over sticky tofu rice and the latest episode of Orange Is The New Black, but what's life without a bit of variety? The malaise sets in across the board, our daily life falls into predictable patterns, often dictated by work and other mechanisms of the domestic assembly line. But why do our romances fall prey to the rut of our work routine? We live in a world where deadlines seem imminent, where work piles up out of thin air and where our phones beep odiously to remind us that we're lagging behind on some task in our life. In an unrelenting environment, it's only human that we plan our romantic overtures. And since we're planning, why not go the whole nine yards? A romantic setting, like the ones people spend their savings on for honeymoons, is the trick of an illusionist. It's all about evoking a certain mood and you can do it yourself at home too!

The LCIM principle (Lamps, candles, incense and music)

The surest sign of a good romance is when your senses tell you that it is indeed a great one. “The lighting in a home changes the mood of a room just as it does the perceived size of a room.”  says lighting expert Tim Anderson.

Think about it, didn't the sights and smells of your first kiss play an important role in your remembering the experience? Pleasant, multi-sensory stimuli has the ability to set us in the mood without too much of a conscious leap into romantic terrain on our part.  

So how do we use lighting to amp up the passion? Here’s where simple ideas create spectacular results:  white fairy lights are romantic and versatile. Start by putting them around the wall and then let them cascade onto the top of your bed or even your sofa.  Here are some great tips to help the lighting in your room get a little more romantic! - http://www.digsdigs.com/48-romantic-bedroom-lighting-ideas/

You can create a lovers’ dance stage on the floor  by placing tealights in a circle.  Now, play your tune and slow dance with your partner. Bliss, right?

After that  bring out the fancy towels, spray lightly with perfume and give your partner a long oil massage. We recommend aphrodisiacs-  substances, foods, and aromas  that invigorate the libido, named after the Greek Goddess of love herself, Aphrodite. And there's always a naughty toy to add some spice! You can take peek at some toys for couples here - Toys for Couples.  And hey, a bit of music has never hurt anyone has it?  

Wine, Chocolate and Fruit

If you ask us, there's no better combination in the world. Period. These items have also been historically acknowledged as luxurious, decadent, and romantic.The lushness of fresh fruit, the richness of quality chocolate and the hearty passion that rushes to the chest after a sip of fine wine. Feed each other these treats in bed. Be corny and read out a poem as you sip wine, your arms and legs flung around your partner in happy intimacy.

These are what great weekends are made of. Use slow, sexy weekends to really get to know your partner. Break into fits of giggles, and experience a whole lot of pleasure. Rediscovering your space with these easy tips will make this upcoming weekend as amazing as a romantic trip to Bali. Well, ok, almost as amazing!

What’s the most romantic thing you ever did for your partner? Share your story with us!

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