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7 Toys That'll Make You Go Wild

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As the saying goes, to err is human, to pleasure divine. OK, I think I got the saying wrong. Well, you know the right one. So, let’s talk about pleasure. Now, there will be times when you have someone around and you want to be a little naughty and play around. **giggles** Hey! It’s called foreplay. And out of experience, I have realized that indulging in foreplay can increase your orgasms. Don’t believe me? Try it and call me maybe?

I want you to try using a sex toy to enhance foreplay between you and your partner. Want to truly entice your partner? Probe and ask what they like, show them the wide range of sex toys at Lovetreats and learn how to satisfy each other. It always starts with mutual trust and satisfaction. I will be talking about different kinds of sex toys used by same-sex couples to make their imaginations go wild.


1. Chocolate Body Paint

chocolate body paint
Your partner comes over to you and starts smearing chocolate all over your body. A wonderful thought, right? Make your partner love all of you by painting your curves and edges with this delectable edible body paint. My favourite is chocolate which is truly yummy and tastes like actual chocolate!

2. BioGlide Strawberry Lubricant

strawberry lube
I recommend this one because I have used it with my partner. It's a condom and toy safe lubricant and the taste is divine! Hence, a great choice for sex and solo play. And guess what? It's 100% organic.

3. Satin Blindfold

satin blindfold
It's time to bring out your kinky side and let your partner take control. Touch-a, touch-a, touch-a me. I wanna be wild please! This beautiful fabric can be used to tie up wrists or ankles. It takes pleasure to a whole new level.

4. Rose Massage Candle

rose massage candle
Roses are red, violets are blue - and we all know red is the colour of sex. So definitely go with roses. This is because the aphrodisiac scent of rose oil stimulates passion and sexual arousal. This candle will bring back life into your bedroom, bathroom, living room and even the kitchen **wink, wink**

5. Black Feather Crop

feather crop
I hope you're done reading 50 Shades of Grey. Now it's time to make your imagination come alive. Tease your partner with those feathers and then give them a taste of that crop. Not too hard, not too soft! That's the ticket to pleasure heaven.

6. Plump Male Enhancement Cream

enhancement cream
The cream that makes your partner look best in bed. The Doc Johnson Male Enhancement cream increases blood flow to the penis, which makes for a thicker, larger look... and to feel - sigh! Try it on your partner. It's sure to make your eyes pop.

7. Share Double Dildo

double dildo
Once you try this, you're never going back. The Share Double Dildo looks and feels like an extension of the body and pleasures active and passive partners simultaneously.

I hope this list serves your purpose in more ways than one. And as always, we look forward to feedback on these toys.


Written by Alex. Alex is a 27 year old MBA Graduate who is currently a freelance writer. He loves to perform as a drag queen in his spare time.

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