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8 New Year's Resolutions for Your Love Life

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It’s New Year’s resolution time! A great resolution is something that will make you healthier, happier, and is a joy to accomplish. Which is why we put together a list of 8 resolutions for a fulfilled love life in 2018.

1. Masturbate

If you don’t already do it (or don't do it enough!), resolve to masturbate this year. There is no better way of getting to know and appreciating your own body. Find out what brings you to orgasm during a solo session. If you want to experiment a little, try out a toy for solo play (there are great ones for both women and men). And if you have a partner, share your new found wisdom! Experimenting with self-pleasure during foreplay is a great way to build arousal.

2. Stay in Bed

The foundation of any good sex resolution? Have more of it! Find new times to incorporate sex into your day - like the morning. Many people have higher sex drives right after waking up, so morning sex can be a revelation. What better way to start your day? Plus, sex releases oxytocin, also referred to as the ‘love hormone’ which can boost your mood all day long.

3. Bring Foreplay Back

We have become so focused on orgasms that we often forget about the million other ways to pleasure each other: Kissing, cuddling, biting, licking, and the sheer pleasure of skin touching skin. Both men and women report that they only spend about half as much time on foreplay as they would like to, says a study in the Journal of Sexual Research. Another reason to not skip it: The average man takes anywhere from three to seven minutes to climax, while the average woman requires anywhere from 10 to 20 - this missed connection is called the arousal gap. And guess what, foreplay can fix it!

4. Stimulate Your Sense of Touch

Wake up the sensuous feelings you’re probably missing if you’ve gotten into some sort of routine (as most couples do after a while). An exciting way to reinvigorate your sense of touch, is to experiment with warming massage oils or feather ticklers. You can also use a blindfold to heighten your senses. The sensory deprivation of sight will make every touch all the more exciting. Plus, blindfolds are a great way to reduce performance pressure and remove the focus from how you look in bed - something that prevents many women and men from feeling sexually confident.

5. Make Lube Your New Best Friend

It’s a myth that you only need a lube ‘when you’re dry down there’. The truth is, whether you’re into sex under the shower, oral play, hand jobs or good old missionary - lube is your new best friend! The reason is simple: The wetter sex is, the better. flavored lubes, e.g. cherry are perfect to spice up oral play. Use silicone based lube for sex under the shower, it’s waterproof. And if you care about the environment, why not try an organic lube?

6. Make Your Bedroom Cozy

Put some effort into making your bedroom a cozy place that invites you to spend more time there. Getting in the mood is easier if your sheets smell nice and you're not looking directly at a pile of laundry. If your bedroom is nice already, a few romance products might do the trick. Otherwise, experiment with lighting, fabrics, aromas and decorations to turn it into a romantic retreat.

7. Explore Toys Together

Lovetoys are maybe the most exciting way to spice up your love life. Start with a pleasure ring, designed to enhance sensations during sex for both partners and to help women climax by stimulating their clitoris. There are also massagers which can be used to excite erogenous zones during foreplay. By the way, it’s a myth that sex toys are illegal in India. So don’t be shy, there’s lots to explore and experience!

8. Try A New Position

Studies show couples settle into one or two tried and tested positions after only a couple of years together. While there is no need to force yourself into positions that require the skills of a gymnast, it might be nice to mix things up a little. So get the conversation started and find out what your partner is curious about!

The Lovetreats team wishes you a Happy 2018! May the New Year bring to you warmth of love, fun and spirit of adventure!

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