03 Nov 2017 Asmi Uniqus

1. Don't be ashamed of sex.

Sex is natural and wanting sex means you are human. Wanting it, needing it and having it doesn’t make you more human than less. Don’t worry what people and gods have to say.

2. Don’t shame others for what they want and need.

If someone you know has sexual desires that you don’t understand, don’t judge them for it. If it’s a partner, experiment with their desires and see if they work for you, if not you can always say no.

 3. Don’t be afraid to talk about sex.

Openly discuss all things with your partner(s). Use your words. Use them right and use them all night (or day, or even when you’re not having sex).

4. All safe and consensual sex is good sex.

If you and your partner(s) are into it and it’s not hurting either of you emotionally or physically in a way that either of you don’t like, go for it. Go for it like a bird out of a cage.

5. Without consent, there is no sex.

It’s that simple.

 6. Experiment and explore.

Be like Alice. Go find your wonderland. How will you find it if you don’t keep trying new things? Plus it’s so easy to fall into a rut with sex and intimacy. Break it!

7. Ask what your partner(s) like.

Consent doesn’t stop at getting permissions to do things to your partner. It starts there. Asking your partner what they like to be done to them is just as important.

8. Nothing about your body during sex is gross.

Nothing about your body is gross. Period. Yes, sex can get sticky and messy and your body will do all kinds of things including move involuntarily. Enjoy that.

9. Sexual intimacy is intensely complex.

Sharing your body with someone can be physically, psychologically and emotionally intense. Sometimes, the kind of sexual intimacy your partner(s) want/need could mean not having sex. So don’t forget to communicate.

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