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wedding night

Wedding season is here, and so, naturally, the buzz about your 'first night' too. This special night can be fun, romantic, comfortable and exciting if you stop letting your mind wander around crazy thoughts about pain, noises and going nude. At the end, you want to feel good in the morning as first nights are welcomed as an experience and not an unwanted adventure.

To build an experience you want, work towards it. Add a bit of ‘spunky’ twist and make the best of the night. Here are a few great ways to add fun and excitement to your wedding night. After all, we are no more into the traditional ways of making love, are we?

1. Lingerie for him

Why not ask the groom to dress up as well? We have always had our ladies wear sexy lingerie for that special night, but do you know men also can do that. Men's lingerie is not new but certainly less spoken about. From sexy briefs to singlets, you will love your man tearing himself out of that shirt!

2. Enjoy some playtime

Wedding nights needn’t be under the rules. You can get some toys and play around. Surprise your partner with a new toy on your wedding night and get in the mood. It could be a vibrator too, or handcuffs depending how well you guys know each other. After all, who does not like a good climax with some playtime?

3. Strip Game

Have you ever tried the strip game? So, you ask questions to your partner (about anything), and the right answer means he/she gets to keep her clothes on. The wrong answer means stripping down clothes one by one. This game is full of seduction and curiosity. The key is to go slow.

4. Change the idea

Wedding nights usually mean staying in the room, making love, watching some TV and dozing off. But who says so? Add a twist! Get out of your wedding attire and your room. If you live with your parents, ‘sneak out’. Take out your car, turn on some music, go for a drive, stop for some coffee and enjoy some night breeze. You both will want to come back ready for some sexy action in the bedroom.

5. Accessories with a twist

I am sure you must have heard about people lighting candles, preparing warm milk and spreading rose petals on the bed. Don’t do that just to make things look romantic and steamy. Do something different. How about buying a nice wine or beer, some pizza, a good movie, pajamas and a king size blanket? Yes! Have a movie night or game night with a bedroom game. Who says romance need to be all cheesy? Your partner will appreciate your idea of love and comfort. Such nights end with great love making.

Giving a nice massage or buying some intimate gifts are also ideas. Do you have something else on your mind? Share with us.


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