20 Dec 2016 Vindhya Chandrasekharan

Sagittarius: The sexual adventurer


IF you are with a Sagittarius or are one, this is the apt description for a Sagittarian. Sagittarians love the fun, flirt and ferocious adventure sex brings on. Here are few of their traits explained.

They are playful: They don’t go missionary and they aren’t here for the ordinary. They are all geared up for all the crazy ideas you or they have in mind.

They are thoughtful: When you are with a Sagittarian you’re not going to be taken to the bedroom directly. The love-making is slowly and tantalizingly built upon, first there is a great outdoor date and some teasing before you even get to the foreplay!

They need to surprised: Sagittarians like when you have your research done, if you’re doing something different and then going back to the ordinary, this is will disappoint them.

They love satisfying: Sagittarians are very giving people, both the men and women of this star sign make sure their partners are completely satisfied.

They are seductive: The act of seduction comes very naturally to them, they don’t have to spend hours of thinking how to get it done, they just know  

They are honest: With Sagittarius you never have to wonder, they will bluntly tell you, what they like and what they don’t.

They love their freedom: So don’t rush into it and don’t assume they like what you have planned, give them space.

Their versatility and entertaining attitude makes Sagittarians a popular sign to date. Look back and for sure you will find that at some point you had a little, if not a full blown crush, on at least one of them from this zodiac. Be careful though, their earnestness for an adventure is so high that it might be easy for them to wander off, so you have to keep them engaged! Since they are very relaxed and confident in the bedroom don’t let it overpower you, instead work with it ;)


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