20 Dec 2016 Fun Factory

Want to know where you stand? Find out—and get our prescription for your next sexual adventure. 

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What’s the last time you tried a new oral sex technique?

A. Last time I had a new partner. I like to adapt based on my partner’s preferences.
B. There’s more than one way to do it???
C. I’m trying one right now.

You’re rolling around with your partner, and they ask if you’d be up for using a toy on them. Then they pull out the biggest dildo you’ve ever seen. You’re…

A. Game. If they’re into it, it’s going to be hot.
B. Threatened. Why would they need a toy when they have you?
C. Thrilled! You’re not sure how it’s even going to fit, but you’re excited to find out.

Kink: where do you stand?

A. It really depends. That’s a very broad category.
B. Hard pass.
C. I won’t know until I try… everything. Should I start alphabetically with anal hooks?

Your sweetheart says that they’d like you to talk dirty next time you’re getting it on. The idea makes you a little nervous! You…

A. Think of a few phrases that sound hot to you and decide to try them out.
B. Hope they’ll change their mind.
C. Spend the intervening time reading erotica and watching porn for inspiration and talking dirty to yourself every chance you get, whether you’re masturbating or ironing your shirts.

Sex toys…

A. Are fun! I have one that I like using alone, and it can be fun to use with a partner, if they’re into it.
B. Confuse me.
C. Are an integral part of my sex life. They’re the tools I use to do things my body can’t and have as much fun as possible!


So, how adventurous are you? For every A you picked, give yourself 2 points. For every B, 1 point, and for every C, 3 points. Then, take a look at your total.

5-7 points:

You like what you like, and you neither want nor need your sex life to be wildly experimental. It’s good to know your limits!

Your next sexual adventure: You don’t have to dress like a dominatrix or start using enormous dildos to expand your sexual horizon. Instead, set aside some time for explicitly experimental sex or masturbation where you try a few new techniques, keep the ones you like, and change or discard the ones you don’t, guilt-free. You might also have fun introducing a discreet, pocket-sized vibrator like the Massage Bullet into sex with your partner. Or try the Angelo!


8-11 points:

You’re open to trying things, but you like to make sure that you’re comfortable first. That’s a great place to be!

Your next sexual adventure: Summer is the perfect time to experiment. Why not pick a beautiful place to have sex outdoors or set your favorite vibrator aside for a while and try a new toy, like a thrusting Stronic or a rumbling Bouncer dildo?


12-15 points:

You’ve tried it all—and what you haven’t, you’re excited to.

Your next sexual adventure: Since you’ve mastered dirty talk, you might want to get dressed up and incorporate it into some role play, or check out your nearest dungeon or local sex store for classes that will help you master a new sexy skill. If you’re looking for a toy that’s out of the ordinary, maybe it’s time to try a vibrating, wearable double dildo like the Sharevibe.

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