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Indraneel’s Encounter With Lovetreats

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I don't think I really had a strong sense of shock when the idea was brought up, but I will admit that it took me a few seconds to process what my girlfriend was trying to tell me. It isn't every day that the one you love turns around and tells you, "Hey, we should buy a sex toy. What do you think?"

However, once I made sense of what was happening, I was completely down for it. But then I was hit with the crippling realization that we lived in India. "Do we even have sex shops over here like they do in Soho?" It seemed implausible to me that an Indian company dealt in sex toys. Was it even legal? (It is, as I Googled and found out later).

But she had done her research, as one does when they make bold propositions such as this. "It’s delivered home? Oh no, no, no." You see, we live in a lovely house in a residential part of Bangalore, and no, I'm not talking about the young, urbane neighborhoods like Koramangala or Kammanahalli. I'm talking about one of the older ones, one of the last remaining bastions of a quickly vanishing Bangalore. Anyway, the point is that our neighbours are pretty conservative and curious kinky objects found in the mail are grounds for excommunication from this hallowed community.

"Oh God, Lovetreats doesn't work like that silly. It's all done very very covertly. Let me show you na?" she said. And then, after my minuscule protest we finally opened up the Lovetreats website. Much to our delight, there was a special section just for couples! (The process of curation that has gone into the site is truly commendable, they even have a live chat section with an support executive who will guide you through the website!)

Personally my idea of sex toys had just been limited to handcuffs and whips (I know, little disturbing right?) but Lovetreats opened up a whole new world for me. Needless to say, the first thing that really piqued our interest was the very interesting looking Beauments Doppio pleasure ring. Next up were the feather tickler, the miss amour paddle and the some warming edible strawberry oil!

I gotta say, I never actually thought we’d end up using this stuff as often as we do. As promised, our purchase came very discreetly in an innocuous looking brown box. Inside however, they had been thoughtfully wrapped, a complete contrast to the staid box it came in. We found the products to be perfect for us, neither of us had bought a sex toy before and we felt as though this was the perfect jumping off point for us as a couple. To boot, we're now looking to be a little more adventurous the next time we go on the Lovetreats website, maybe get a little more risque perhaps, I guess the whole Lovetreats experience just emboldens you so!

Disclaimer: Names have been changed upon request. This story was filed exclusively for Lovetreats by an actual individual who happily agreed to share her experience with us. Want to know more about the user experience at Lovetreats? Read Sunidhi Verma's experience here.

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