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Love in the Digital Age

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Reconnecting offline

Are you connected? Well of course you are. Our phones are basically our third arm.  Keeping up with social media, emails, and the latest trends can keep our ‘scrollers’ busy all day. Ok, but are you connected to your partner? Sure you share lives together, go out on dates, travel, and plan your future; but how many times have you gone out for dinner and spent time looking at your phone instead of talking? Have some pre-bed time cuddles turned into Facebook marathons?

You’re not alone, we’re all living in what must the most ironic time known to our species. A time when we know super specific details about our neighbor’s mother, but might not know how our partner’s day at work went.  We might know what our boss thought about the latest movie but have no idea how our best friend really feels about his future. Now, no one likes to read an article that instructs us to lay off on the internet. That would be a party-pooping blog indeed. The internet is here to stay, a necessary evil if you want to go so far. We have to figure out how to live and thrive with it by our side. Let’s skip the lecture and figure out ways we can be better partners and actually stay connected to the people we love the most.


There are plenty of studies out there that have proven simply hugging for twenty seconds or more can alleviate depression, fatigue, and make you feel way more bonded. So when you get back from work, reach out and hug! And stay that way for a minute, let this physical expression communicate your affection for your partner and acknowledge your relationship. It will make the both of you feel much better, promise.


No-Electronics Date Night
OK, tough one agreed, but what we promise as a result are unexpected conversations. Leave your phones at home and go out for dinner, set a time limit if you feel like you are going to have an anxiety attack without your 3G (it’s ok, it happens to the best of us.). Now you have nothing but food and your partner’s face in front of you. Ask specific questions like: “ What was the most boring part of you day today?“, “If you had a million dollars to blow on travel what kind of itinerary would you make for us?”, “What are two amazing things about our relationship and what are two not-so-hot things about our relationships?” You’ll be surprised at the conversations and depth you can get to. We also bet you’ll find a lot of entertainment while you are listening and answering. You might even find another reason to love your partner through these uninterrupted conversations.

Play in Bed
This means experiment a little bit.  Even if you and your pattern are more vanilla when it comes to the bedroom, there is no reason you can’t add a few funky ideas to your sex life. Play masseuses, or try telling your partner some really poor jokes so you guys, uh, ‘play’ in-between fits of giggles. Use candles to set the mood or create a special playlist of songs that get you into the mood. Make dessert together and eat it in bed. The potential is tremendous as long as you make it a priority. Now that wasn’t so bad was it? Try including these points in your love life immediately, and watch how you fabulously balance digital addiction and work, all while being a super partner to the person you love the most. Do you think we’ve missed anything? Share your experiences balancing our collective Internet addiction and our love life, we’d love to hear! Until then be happy, be kind and make love!

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