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We all know the world dances to the harmony of balance. Your love karma might have its roots in a previous life, however, it’s more likely your karma is  a representation of your deeds in this lifetime. So, what kind of lover have you been in the past? How might it affect your present? And what can you do now to keep the future steamy, hot, and loving?

Lovetreats has your back! Calculate your karma points with this quick quiz and see what love karma you possess.

Ready? All you have to do is  honestly answer these questions (Don't worry no one is looking) and then see how many As, Bs, and Cs you have. Tally your results with our Love Karma type and then prepare to reach your ultimate lover potential.


1. How many times have you broken a heart?

(A)  A few. I end up being the heartbreaker a lot. I don’t mean to hurt people, though.

(B) Once or twice, but it was for the better.

(c) Seems like I am the only one who gets my heart broken.


2. Are you the lover that usually invests a lot of time to make or buy gifts?  Or do you spend a ton of  time creating special moments for your partner?

(A) Nah, I like to keep it relaxed and fun without any pressure.

(B) 50/50, my partner invests an equal amount of time on these things too.

(C)  Always! I love buying stuff for my partner and making them feel special all the time.


3. Have you ever cheated on your partner?

(A) Yeah, monogamy is overrated and impractical.

(B) Once (maybe twice) but I was confused about my feelings and figured it out pretty quickly.

(C) Never. I've only been cheated on.


4. What are the things you appreciate in a lover?

(A) Style, looks, the ability to have fun, a sense of adventure.

(B)  I value compatibility, fun, intelligence and an open mind.

(C) I am not sure, someone who finds me interesting?


5. Choose a date scenario

(A) Drinks before dinner, then dancing the night away

(B) A movie, followed by a walk in the park

(C) Making dinner for my partner on a Friday night


6. What kind of a lover are you in the bedroom?

(A) Adventurous. We usually get busy a lot. I am up for anything.

(B) Fun and cosy. We have a usual style and talk about our sex life with each other.

(C) It’s fun but I don’t really communicate what I like and am usually shy to make the first move.

What's My Love Karma?

Mostly As

Too-Cool-for School (Karma Overdrive)

You like fun, you like adventure and not getting tied down. You have dated pretty consistently and brought fun adventures and memories to your partners. You’ve also broken some hearts along the way. Asking yourself what a relationship means to you and how each person has influenced your thinking and perspective will help develop you as a person and a lover. Make time to consider the insights and contributions of your partner. It might help you discover parts of yourself you never knew existed.

Mostly Bs

Balanced Yogi (Karma Bliss)

Your love karma is in perfect balance. You are a fair and considerate lover. You  think about the needs of your partner while also allowing yourself and your lover to grow individually. You are self-aware and fun! Keep it groovy, Balanced Yogi!

Mostly Cs

Confused Cub (Karma helps when you help yourself)

You seem to be doing all the work! It looks like you haven't taken the time to see what is special about yourself and appreciate the way you perceive the world. Every person brings an original perception and potential to the world.  You are not utilizing yours yet. Ask yourself if you are depending on a lover to help you see your own potential. Your new goal is all about appreciating and loving yourself first. Start doing that today and your love karma will automatically be on your side!

If your score was  a tie then you can figure out the common traits and matching shades between your love karma types. What does your karma type make you want to rework in your love life? Here's wishing you some grand love karma and many giggles, kisses, and naughty adventures with your partner.

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