07 Mar 2017 Sushmita Sarkhel

We at Lovetreats thoroughly enjoy chatting and interacting with our clients. Every day, we get lots and lots of questions about our products, how they are used, recommendations for sensual and naughty gifts and whether the packaging is as discreet as we say (It is!). But then, there are those other chat requests as well... This space is just a sneak peek into the daily lives of the Lovetreats chat agents Anita, Ann and Disha and the fun and laughter that comes along with our jobs. Please note that to ensure our customers' privacy, names are not disclosed and locations or other identifying information have been changed. So here are our most hilarious Lovetreats chats! Hope you have as much fun reading as we had chatting ;)

1. The one with the typo

Visitor: Hey I need something to Shit my partners mouth during bondage

Visitor: Shut*

Disha: Thank Goodness! I got worried there for a moment

Visitor: Hahahahahaha! Auto correct... Even I was like ewwww!



2. The one who is looking for something else

Visitor: i need sex massage can u help me

Ann: What do you mean by that exactly?

Visitor: i need boobs breast

Ann: We don't sell breasts. Or any other human body parts...

Visitor: can i hav lady for sex can u arrange

Ann: Nope

Visitor: why

Ann: not that kind of site

Visitor: then wat can u do




3. The one with the cover-up

Visitor: I want to buy this vibrator. It is for my cousins sister... But can she use that. Is there any problem in using it?

Anita: Our toys are made of medical grade silicone, so they are safe to use.

Visitor: So there is nothing wrong using right

Anita: No, there’s nothing wrong with it

Visitor: Thanx madam... Actually it is for me only. I am staying in a hostel in Delhi. So can u deliver it there on saturday or sunday?

Anita: Sure :)  



4. The one who just wants to chat

Visitor: Hi

Ann: Hi there. How can I help you today?

Visitor: just want to chat where ru from

Ann: nothing else to do on a Saturday?

Visitor: yes im a single indian male im fond of chatting

Ann: Let me know if you have any product related questions I can help you with

Visitor: u from



Hii madam

hello hi






5. The one who got annoyed

Visitor: do u have any site in which girls guys willing to have one night stand

Disha: nope

Visitor: ohhhhh ok

Visitorthere should b a site where u sign in, update ur details like dislike, and if u got match and if interested than why not one night

Disha: maybe you can start it?

Visitor: dont get in my nerves


6. The one who was nosy

Visitor: Hey do u have rabbit vibrator?

Disha: Hi there. Yes

Visitor: Okay

Disha: https://www.lovetreats.in/collections/vibrators/products/rabbit-vibrator-pink

Visitor: Do you use it?

Disha: no..I use this - https://www.lovetreats.in/collections/vibrators/products/miss-bi

Visitor: Its too expensive babe

Disha: good things dont come cheap dude

Visitor: Do you have any bf?

Disha: lots

Visitor: U sex with him?

Disha: are you my mom?

Visitor: Noo i want to ask u this thing

Disha: ask what?

Visitor: Dildo better or a guy ?

Disha: Don't you have a smarter question? There are others in the queue

Visitor: Sorry




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