One Night Stand Etiquette Guide

One Night Stand Etiquette Guide

16 Sep 2016 Bala Owner

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For a single person, one night stands often provide the perfect amount of excitement and spontaneity that one needs in their lives. Thankfully, society too has gotten rid of it's rather puritanical notions about hookups and it's no longer treated with moral showboating. Now that we've gotten over our moral hangups over hookups, can we establish a few ground rules to ensure that the act remains fun and exciting for everyone? Well, we've compiled a list of the rules of etiquette that could make your life a lot easier.


1) Stay Safe: It goes without saying that you ought to use protection in any sexual encounter, but the nuances of a one night stand get deeper than that. Trying to get a sense of the person you're interested in without getting too personal is a good starter. Be careful about the beer goggles, you never know where they might take you. Most importantly, be aware of your bearings- know where you are, and be sure that someone you are close to knows where you are too. While this might sound like an extremely paranoid way to look at a one night stand, it is certainly helpful in the long run.

2) Be Honest: Ask yourself if you're doing this to get over someone, or if you're just really drunk, make sure that it is just fun that you're looking for. Find out from the other person if they're single too. Don't be too presumptuous, just because someone wants to take you home at 1 am doesn't necessarily mean that they don't want anything deeper or meaningful. Lay down the terms that this is just a fling.

3) Don't Slink Away In The Middle Of The Night: This is a pretty terrible thing to do. While hookups are fleeting, you don't have to suspend basic human courtesy. Conversely, you must not overstay your welcome too! Finding this balance isn't too hard, just don't stay until the afternoon and expect to watch the new Game Of Thrones Episode together.

4) Pick up after yourself: If you're on the receiving end of such a farewell, be friendly, don't dawdle and don't even think of "accidentally" leaving your watch/bra/cell phone. It's obvious. It's annoying. It's awkward. And it's exactly the sort of situation that you just don't want to run into. Simple measures like this just make things easier.

5) Send A Text: While you obviously don't want to embark on a serious romantic relationship, sending the one polite text can be a nice gesture. Be sure not to be too specific in the details, just a general "Hey, last night was fun!" would suffice. The truth is, the only way we can make hookups less awkward is by 'normalizing' them, by just being our regular, courteous selves in the process.

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