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Photographer Captures Womens’ Orgasms

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In a beautiful and stunning black and white photo series, Luthianian photographer Albert Pocej captures women at “the highest point of physical pleasure”.

The 15 women featured in the black-and-white series are not professional actors and models. They participated in this personal project where Pocej used both lapse photography as well as manual shots to ensure he gets the perfect shot void of any inhibitions, “I wanted to show the real feeling, as real, it gets. Every woman is different, so are their orgasms. I wasn’t trying to make it any better than what the reality is.” And we agree. This is reality in all its uninhibited beauty. Here are some of the fascinating pictures from the photo series.

You can follow Pocej’s work on his website or his instagram and Facebook.

So we at Lovetreats have some homework for all you ladies who read our blogs: Whenever you decide to indulge yourselves a little, don’t be afraid to take a selfie. You can delete it right after but this is a way you can get to know yourself and your pleasure a little better.

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