Pillow Talk with Krishna

Pillow Talk with Krishna

02 Aug 2016 Bala Owner

Every month Lovetreats interviews real people ages 18+, from our very own Indian cities, about their sex lives. We have 6 standard questions and many different answers! Unabashed, fun, weird, happy, cute, or super shy – whatever your answers are, we want to know. We want to keep sex and sexuality on the table to discuss. Consider Pillow Talk a regular reminder that sex is all about fun, respect, intimacy, and yeah, a little bit of kink.

Interview with Krishna

indian male from bangalore on sex "Hey, I'm Krishna, a 20 year old heterosexual male from Bangalore. (I think that’s describing myself in as few words as possible.)"

When was the last time you had sex?
Never. I'm still a virgin.

What would you like your first time to be like?
My girlfriend and I love to talk about it a lot though we’ve never actually gotten around to it. When we do it for the first time, we want it to last the entire night, until morning. Doing every little naughty thing we’ve talked about.

What's the weirdest moment you've had in bed?
Haven’t had one… thankfully?

Have you ever used a sex toy before?
Nope. But we (my girlfriend and I) love to talk about experimenting with sex toys. And I'm sure we'll get there soon.

What's the juiciest sexual fantasy you are willing to admit?
Right now, I think the only juicy fantasy would be to have sex with my beautiful girlfriend. Very vanilla, I know. But in my head, it's hot.

Give us your best sex tip or advice!
Talk. Communicate. Guide. Be open about exactly what you want. You’ll be surprised to know the ways in which your partner wants to make you feel good.

Want to participate in Pillow Talk? Give us answers to our 6 fun questions and let the rest of the country learn and enjoy! Anonymity guaranteed. Give us a non-identifying photo and a name you’d like us to use and send it to lovetreats@lovetreats.in. We only use a proxy name and only use gender, age and city in all our interviews!

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