Quick Guide to Using Flavoured Lube

Quick Guide to Using Flavoured Lube

06 Apr 2016 Bala Owner

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Before you even think about stimulating intimate areas, use lube to massage your partner or have them massage you. There are so many secret erogenous zones to explore, like neck, inner thighs, hips, butt, nipples. Drive each other crazy before sex even starts. When you’re ready to move on to oral play, flavoured lube is a great add-on.

It can be safely used on genitalia. Stick to water based lubes if you are using condoms. If you are not using condoms, you can also try kissable intimate oils that give a warming sensation when you softly blow on them. Lube reduces unpleasant friction during oral and intensifies the experience, especially for the giver. Pick a flavor that you like and apply it on your partner’s intimate areas. Flavored lubes are edible and safe to digest. You'll savor the experience and your partner will love watching. Next, put a few drops on yourself and have your partner return the favor.

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