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Pillow Talk with Rishab

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Every month Lovetreats interviews real people ages 18+, from our very own Indian cities, about their sex lives. We have 6 standard questions and many different answers! Unabashed, fun, weird, happy, cute, or super shy – whatever your answers are, we want to know. We want to keep sex and sexuality on the table to discuss. Consider Pillow Talk a regular reminder that sex is all about fun, respect, intimacy, and yeah, a little bit of kink.

Interview with Rishab

Rishab Pillow Talk

Rishab is a 28 year old, bisexual male from Bangalore who likes to explore ‘A lot of things.’

When was the last time you had sex?
I’m a virgin.

What would you like it to be like?
I love BDSM, so would like it the ‘BDSM way.’

What's the weirdest moment you've had in bed?
Yet to experience one :) I am curious as well.

Have you ever used a sex toy before? If yes, what was your experience like?
I was bored of normal masturbation so tried the Fleshlight. It was nice but not sure if it was like the ‘Real thing’ :-p

What's the juiciest sexual fantasy you are willing to admit?
I love satin dresses and pantyhose.

Give us your best sex tip or advice!
Do what makes you comfortable.

Want to participate in Pillow Talk? Give us answers to our 6 fun questions and let the rest of the country learn and enjoy! Anonymity guaranteed. Give us a non-identifying photo and a name you’d like us to use and send it to We only use a proxy name and only use gender, age and city in all our interviews!

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