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Review of the Lucky Ball

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The truth is that before testing the Lucky Ball, I’ve never played with anything like it. I don’t have a problem with the idea of sex toys, but living in India I never knew sex toys were available online here. Also, many masturbation sex toys for men are ugly or just plain weird and awkward - I wouldn't feel comfortable using something like a sex doll. So when I received the Lucky Ball, I was pleasantly surprised by the discreet and neutral look of it. I wouldn't have even guessed this was a sex toy! 

The Lucky Ball is a semi-disposable masturbation sleeve which comes in a round shell. When unwrapped and opened, a wiggly white ball is revealed with an opening on one end. The sleeve itself is made of silicone which is hygienic and safe to use on the penis. In my experience lube is essential to use with this sex toy, so it's good that it comes with a free sachet of water based lube.

I was enjoying some online pornography and was semi-aroused when I slipped the Lucky Ball on for the first time. It is not really snug, so simply wearing it will not do much for you. But then I wrapped my hand around the ball and began to stroke - the sensation was just phenomenal. The ball is super flexible and stretchy so you can pull it down around your cock. The silicone material is very soft and cushy so it pads the head of the cock and comfortably sticks to the shaft so you're not sliding around in there. Delicate but defined ribs enhance the experience. 


Earlier I called this toy “semi-disposable.” After using it, I rinsed it out, let it dry and put it away. When I opened it up again later, it looked fine and I got four more uses out of it. The fifth time, however, I felt the material tear. I was still able to use it for the rest of the session and then I simply placed it back into its shell and threw it away - for the price it's definitely worth it!

I can highly recommend the Lucky Ball as a great starter sex toy for those men who have never tried it like me and want to get a feeling for it before investing in a more expensive option!

Akshar, 33, Business Analyst living in Bangalore

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