23 Nov 2016 Vindhya Chandrasekharan

long distance relationships

Long distance is not the easiest thing that could happen to anyone. It is chaotic, it’s messy and most of all, lonely. But the truth is that it’s here and you have to deal with it. So why not have all the fun from a distance? (And that could be a good thing, read and find out how)

1. The very obvious Phone Sex

Talk dirty, text dirty or go emoji dirty (You didn’t really think Whatsapp had those emojis for fruit representation, right?). All of us aren’t as gifted to talk a certain way, here are some free stories at Cliterati and Scarlet Magazine. If you have a way with your words, then become a storyteller and weave your erotic story. Or you can even take it up a notch by using a vibrator while your partner narrates the tale for you.

2. Click that picture

When you’re in an LDR you crave to see the person. Don’t just snap a picture and send it. Make an effort, click a lot of pictures choose the best. Go to your bathroom, go to your dressing room, make your body talk, but also make sure your face and eyes talk about how you long for your partner.

3. Schedule a Date night

Oh, Oh did I suggest the obvious again? No, this date night is with a twist. Set a date and for the whole day send each other naughty texts describing raunchy thoughts. Write down some notes, snap that and send it across. I promise you this date night will be nothing like you have had before.

4. Stimulate with a gift

If you already have sent each other teddy bears, flowers and other cute things. Now it’s time to upgrade your gifting game. How about gifting your partner a sleek vibrator or a fleshlight? (Don't forget a water-based lube with it!)

5. The role play surprise

Video call your partner out of the blue, dressed up as a French maid, sexy nurse or an exotic belly dancer and then watch your fantasy unfold... digitally!

6. Snail Mail

This is as intimate as your writing can get. Grab your stationary and transcend into your wonderland. Your partner will be surprised to receive them and it’s a really nice way to show how thoughtful you are towards your relationship!

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