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Sex Toy Myths

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Working in the adult industry, we have a lot of conversations with people about their genitals. Most of them are great! However, we also hear the same few not-even-remotely-true ideas about sex over and over, and it makes our hearts sink every time. Bad information leads to bad sex. For better sex, avoid these common myths:

1. "I can’t use that! I don’t want to get stretched out forever.”

No. Just a firm and sincere no on that one. Your body relaxes when you’re aroused, prepping you for whatever kind of penetration you prefer, from butt sex to deep-throating. Plus, your body is pretty elastic already. Being able to use a large toy comfortably doesn’t stretch your vagina or butt out permanently, any more than getting an erection stretches out a penis permanently. Go ahead and get that treat you’ve been eyeing.

2. "I don’t need lube. I get wet enough already."

Maybe you do. Maybe your body’s lubrication has always been fantastic for skin-on-skin sex. However, things that have more friction than skin include: latex condoms (which are way less likely to break when combined with lube) and silicone sex toys. Plus, a little bit of good quality lube can turn even great sex into ridiculously amazing sex. Trust us.

3. "If my partner uses a toy, it will replace me."

Think of the best lover you’ve ever had. What made them so irresistible? Was it something about their body—their figure, their soft lips, their scruff, their scent? Were they a great kisser? A master of dirty talk? Amazing with their hands? Maybe you can’t quite name it what it was, but your chemistry was off the charts. Regardless, it was probably something more than, “They had genitals and I had an orgasm.”

Likewise, your partner likes having sex with you for a ton of reasons. Toys are way, way fun (and even more fun when you use them together!), but you are irreplaceable.

If you’re reading this in dismay, thinking, “But I want a toy that does everything a partner can do,” you could do worse than the thrusting, vibrating Bi Stronic Fusion.

4. "If I use a strong vibrator, I’ll never enjoy sex without a vibrator again."

If you use your vibrator in the same way, on the same setting, every time you masturbate, and then you have trouble getting off without it, your vibrator isn’t the culprit. Habit is. Shake up your masturbation routine, so that you’re not training yourself to get off exactly the same way every time, and you can happily enjoy MISS BI’s two powerful motors whenever you like.

5. "Butt toys will turn me/my boyfriend/my husband gay."

Nah. We all have some variation on the same genitals, which include a lot of fun nerve endings around the anus. Enjoying your penis doesn’t say anything about who you’re attracted to; neither does enjoying any other nerve-dense area on your body. Pop in a BOOTIE without fear. You’ll still want to have sex with your girlfriend afterwards.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the prostate was actually an on/off switch for heterosexuality, though? Maybe when uncannily realistic sex robots are finally a thing.

This piece was published with permission from Fun Factory. Liked what you read? Check out more interesting blogs here.

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