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For any couple, the act of travelling is something of a rite of passage. Without sounding too romantic about it, travelling does help us get insights about ourselves or another person. Pushing yourself out of a zone that you're comfortable in brings out another side of you, it pushes you in a certain way.

Sure, you could travel in style, but almost every travel plan carries a modicum of the unknown. You discover how people react to certain things (like meeting complete strangers or schedules that don't go according to plan), you both discover how to come up with ways you can make the most of it and you even get acquainted with pet peeves you weren't aware of prior to this.

In a sense, travel is the ultimate test for a couple; a couple that can travel together can get through pretty much anything. Keeping that in mind, here are a list of ideal, romantic travel destinations that will test your limits.

Gokarna, Karnataka


Let's get the budget destinations out of the way first. With it's pristine beaches, candlelit shacks that serve relatively inexpensive food, calm waves and a night sky that is bejeweled with stars, Gokarna is the ideal place for couples who are strapped for cash. With it's many beaches (some of which are pretty much semi-private off season) and wooded paths that lead to them, Gokarna has many places that you can simply get lost in.


Mannavanur, Tamil Nadu

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Again, a trip to Mannavanur will hardly cast a dent on your wallet, but the experience is unlike any other in our subcontinent. Located around 30 km from Kodaikanal, Mannavanur has a landscape that stands out from it's more popular neighbours, including other hill stations in India. Lush meadows make up most of the space, with birches and flora that is completely unique to the area. Shacking up in these spartan surroundings, with a thick blanket along with a hot chocolate and marshmallows, ah, bliss!


The Backwaters Of Kerala


If you can get yourself a luxurious houseboat, do so by all means. Kerala is officially one of the most jaw-dropping places on the planet. Besides this, it's an extremely adventurous place for the intrepid couple. Paddle through the backwaters, go through the woods and just enjoy the delicious food on offer!


Bali, Indonesia

bali indonesia
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Bali is not just a pretty face. While the island’s picturesque scenery attracts visitors from around the world, its unique culture and tradition keeps them coming back for more. Watch the sunset over clear blue waters in Sanur, a popular beach destination. An iconic attraction, Tanah Lot, is a 15th-century temple that juts out of the ocean on a small rock formation. Don’t miss the five waterfalls between Bedugul and Singaraja: Gitgit is the farthest down the mountain, and visitors can climb 150 steps to take in stunning cascading falls.


Fez, Morocco

fez morocco

Stepping through the gates into Fez feels like entering a time machine: The city’s medieval streets, covered markets, and historic sites will heighten your senses, and take you back to a different era. Visit Heri el Souani to tour granaries designed by an ancient king. Pass through Medina Square in nearby Meknès to view Bab Mansour, an elaborate marble gate with engraved tiled panels. House of Venus in Volubilis houses the city’s finest set of mosaics, and provides easy access to the site of the Temple of Saturn.


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