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This Is Why Everyone Should Carry a Condom

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When I was in college, unwanted pregnancies were topics of hushed discussions and seemed more like urban myths than something that was likely to happen to me or my friends - until one of my closest friends told me about her abortion. Her long-time boyfriend and she had forgotten to use a condom or didn’t bother with one while in throws of passion. And she wasn’t the only one. Over the years, I encountered a guy who had accompanied girlfriends to abortion clinics and another woman who got pregnant twice and got an abortion both times.

So how can you avoid getting there?

Mistakes happen, the best of us slip up when desire takes over and rational mind goes out the window. So what can we do to stay safe even in moments of passion? A great way to avoid this fear of “Am I or am I not? Are my periods ever going to start?” would be to carry a condom when you know there’s a possibility of you getting some action. Repeat with me ladies and gentlemen (yes, both of you!): “I will carry a condom with me every time I think that there’s a chance of me getting laid.”

Firstly, you’re sending some good vibes into the universe and keeping your hopes up *wink wink* and secondly, you don’t wanna run to the store at some godawful hour just to get a pack of condoms. Because, come on, who has sex without using protection anymore? Whether it’s a one night/ half-night (trust me, it’s a thing) or you’re in a relationship, it’s a person’s right to demand that some form of protection be used. And condoms have the highest rate of being successful in preventing pregnancies and STDs.

Whose responsibility is it?

While it is expected that a man would carry a condom, it is not his duty alone to think of it. Buying a pack of condoms, as a woman, could be daunting because of the stares from fellow customers or the pharmacist. But there are so many options now, e-commerce websites like Lovetreats would also deliver a discretely packed box of condoms to your doorstep. There is really no excuse for not putting your reproductive health first when there are so many options available after all. I can vouch for it. After my first-time experience of stepping into a shop to buy a pack of condoms, which was mighty awkward, I have taken to ordering them online. I don’t expect my partner to be solely responsible for being in-charge of thinking about safe sex anymore. We are consenting adults who want to have a good time, either with our boyfriends/girlfriends or flings, and the only way to ease into the right mood is when you take charge and think of safety first.

With work and personal lives so complicated, there is no point in giving mental space to a worry like “am I pregnant?” or “Is she pregnant?” When I know that I can sleep with one less worry I would grab on to that and never let go of the feeling of being in control of at least one thing in my life.

Some practical tips

Make sure you store your condoms safely - avoid keeping them in places where they could be damaged or torn and keep them away from extreme temperatures. I recommend storing a condom in a small box or sturdy pouch and carrying it in your purse, so you have one ready at all times! Bonus tips to make using condoms more fun: Always, always use lube when you use condoms, it really makes a difference. Experiment with differently flavored condoms or try the ones with special features such as ribbed condoms for interesting sensations.

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