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Weekend Getaway Essentials

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Taking time off with your partner and spending a night (or a day) at a luxurious hotel is one of the most romantic things you can do to give your relationship a real intimacy boost. The best part - without the distractions of flatmates playing loud music or the threat of Auntyji coming home early, you can finally try out all the kinky products you’ve always been curious about. Because, let’s not kid ourselves, we all know you’re not checking into that hotel to cuddle in front of the TV. Which is why we put together a list of the top 5 treats you should take along to spice things up a little and make your staycation ultra special.


1. Sensual Massage Candle

massage candleWhat does it do: The wax of these special candles is made of soy and aroma oils and transforms into a lukewarm massage oil when lit. So light the candle, enjoy the aroma and romantic candle light, and then use the oil for a warming massage. It doesn’t get more sensual than that! 

Expert tip: To start your massage, ask your partner to lie on their stomach. Begin with long, gentle strokes on the back and legs. Consider sitting on your partner's butt when massaging the back and neck areas to increase intimacy.

Our Favorite: Chocolate Massage Candle


2. Blindfold

blind foldWhat does it do: Apart from all the inspirations from 50 Shades, wearing a blindfold just looks sexy. The sensory deprivation of sight that you experience, heightens the perception of other senses, making every touch and every whisper all the more exciting - or should we say “sexciting”! Blindfolds are also popular as a tool to reduce inhibitions and performance pressure. By blindfolding your lover, you can let loose of any self-consciousness and be playful.

Expert Tip: If it’s usually one partner who initiates, a blindfold is the perfect tool for the other to take charge. Combine a blindfold with a sensual warming candle or an aromatic massage oil. Mmmm. Want to level up? Use some lace handcuffs.

Our Favorite: Satin Blindfold


3. Good Lube

lubeWhat does it do: It’s a myth that you only need a lube ‘when you’re dry down there’. The truth is, whether you’re into sex under the shower, oral play, hand jobs or good old missionary - lube is your new best friend! The reason is simple: The wetter sex is, the better.

Expert tip: Flavored lubes, e.g. cherry or strawberry ones are perfect to spice up oral play. Feeling more adventurous? Try a warming lube. Use silicone based lube for sex under the shower, it’s waterproof. And if you care about the environment, why not try an organic lube?

Our Favorite: Bioglide Cherry Organic Lube


4. An Exciting Toy

vibratorWhat does it do: Lovetoys are maybe the most exciting way to spice things up in bed. Many of them are designed to enhance sensations during sex for both partners and to help women climax by stimulating their clitoris. There are also massagers which can be used to excite erogenous zones. By the way, it’s a myth that sextoys are illegal in India. You can even buy vibrating penis rings in pharmacies and drug stores. So don’t be shy!

Expert tip: Don’t overwhelm your partner by whipping out a monster dildo without any warning. Instead, why don’t you pick out something nice together? There are travel size ones as well, e.g. Angelo.

Our Favorite: BeauMents Joyride


5. An Erotic Game

couples gameWhat does it do: A sexy game breaks the ice, gets you both in the mood and helps you think outside the box (or, in this case, the bed). There are erotic dice, card or roleplay games, chequebooks with naughty coupons, and we have even heard of an erotic version of Twister (please do let us know if you come across one of those!).

Expert tip: Like most games, erotic games are even more fun to play if you’ve had a glass of wine or two. So choose your staycation hotel wisely and make sure there’s room service!

Our Favorite: Naughty Coupons


Written by Ute Weimer

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