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Women Share How They Get Sex From Their Men

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On popular social news aggregation and discussion website, women were asked, Ladies, what subtle clues do you give your man when your in the "mood"? People expected a few simple tips and tricks but what the ladies said blew their minds. A few men even whined saying that these tips are only from alpha women (whatever that means). All we can say about these answers is, “You go, girls!” Let’s take a look at ten of our favourite answers on how to make love accessible and fun for everyone.

Ix-kaknab says:

I sit on top of him and start making out with him. Ain't no subtle clues when we're in the mood. If we can do it, we'll do it. Lol


figyros says:

Send a flirty gif to him even though he is sitting right next to me....


liz_lemon_lover says:

I always say "Do you want to have a shower?" It means lets get clean and then dirty.


butrcupps says:

Run my fingers through his hair while looking at him in a lustful I want you kinda way.


fruitypants gave some amazing advice on how to handle a depressive partner:

I don't do subtle clues, and I don't think that many women do. If we're laying in bed I initiate by playing with his balls, if we're on the couch I get on top of him and make out with him while I dry hump the shit out of his dick area and lower torso.
HOWEVER, I was once in a situation where I had to be subtle- my (now ex) boyfriend was super depressed for over a year and he never wanted to fuck, so if I wanted to have sex I had to ease him into it. So, during that time, I would offer him massages when I wanted to bone because massages lead to sex like 80% of the time (and that's a statistic from an actual study on couples giving each other massages, not just anecdotal evidence from my personal experience).


Latelygoing approached the delicate subject of erectile dysfunction with much needed maturity about her partner.

My husband has libido and boner issues and I have to be very careful. If I approach him and he is not in the mood or has erection troubles, it triggers a whole depression spiral and he will usually get weirdly angry with me. It sucks.


dialmformurderess has a man who likes ironic typos it seems:

I text him "u want sum fuk" from the other room. Works like a charm. 😏


Hitlershotpants shows us how to make time for sex even when you have a baby and a dog:

I lead him by the hand into the bedroom and whisper those magic words into his ear "the baby's asleep". Then we have very quiet sex while trying not to make eye contact with the dog.


Glad to see that yetanotherblankface believes in foreplay:

Rub my nails up and down his neck


PM_ME_PUPPIES_PLZZ knows how to tickle her man’s funny bone to get him to bone:

Today I walked into his room, pretended to be a robot, and in my best robot voice said "Proceed with the sex." Made him giggle, and I got pounded ;)

In truth, this is what a healthy, sex-positive attitude and lifestyle is all about. You can read more replies on the thread here. If you were to ask us for some serious conclusions, we’ll tell you this:

Men, give your women the space and opportunities to want and enjoy sex. Listen to them and figure out what works for both of you. Women, open yourselves to your desires and see where they take you. Sex should be fun, not some negotiation or a compromise (unless you use it as a negotiation and a compromise to resolve other things in your relationships).

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