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If you are a fitness freak like me, you have felt the incredible change your body experiences when you start working out. I am sure you must have noticed a change in your sex life. Didn’t it become better and exciting? There is no doubt that people who follow a healthy lifestyle tend to enjoy better sex life. They have more energy, strength, flexibility, low-stress levels and great libido to last longer in bed and try out new stuff with their partners. If you are not into a gym routine, there are still so many workouts you can do at home to improve your sex life. I have listed top 5 simple workouts you can add to your daily schedule:



Isn’t it obvious? You can experiment with different sex positions and be robust enough to keep a particular posture for a more than few seconds. Yoga improves flexibility, reduces stress and makes you a happy person overall. Because of these benefits, the worry of getting a sprain or numbness goes away. Also, who does not want to make love if he or she feels so comfortable and fresh about yourself. You can try out Lotus, Arch or Bridge style in bed by practicing Yoga. Some great Yoga, Asanas for better sex, are: Cat and Cow Stretch; Cobra; Downward Facing Dog; Bound Angle.


Source: Philly Mag

Source: Philly Mag

We all love great abs and plank is the way to get them. But plank also is an excellent way to strengthen your glutes, hips, legs and arms as you control your body weight on them while keeping your core tight. By strengthening these big and small muscles, you are enhancing your ability to rest on your arms and legs (the kind you need in a Missionary position). This is for all the guys out there, If the missionary is your favourite style of satisfying your woman, plank workout will help you last longer!


Source: Huffpost

Source: Huffpost

For all the women out there, if you always wanted to get on top and rule, add squats to your fitness routine. Squats not only give you that great looking butt but it gets your glutes moving and provides that right posture you need to try out Cowgirl and Lunges. It will strengthen your leg and back muscles so that you can sit or haunch without a sprain.



When I tried my first deadlift, I felt a good stretch in areas of my body, I never knew were stiff. It is a compound exercise which makes your hamstrings, glutes, core and back strong – all the areas you want to strengthen be able to perform your best in the bed. There are so many good workouts that improve sex life. You can go for a run which clears your mind and gives you stronger legs. Try a sport to get the same benefits. Remember, if you and your partner feel fit, sex will not only be better, but age factor will never be a hindrance to your sex life. Share your experiences if you feel a particular workout routine boosted your sex life!

Written by Ramandeep Kaur. Raman is a writer, feminist, cook, adventure freak, and a proud aunt. She took over writing almost five years back after quitting a Manager position. So she follows her instincts, works hard and parties harder. Raman wants her readers to feel happy and informed by her writings, so her style is simple, short but fun. Catch up with her if you happen to be in Auckland, NZ. She likes coffee.

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