• Realistic Vagina Masturbator - Mocha
  • Realistic Vagina Masturbator - Mocha
  • Realistic Vagina Masturbator - Mocha
  • Realistic Vagina Masturbator - Mocha
  • Realistic Vagina Masturbator - Mocha

Realistic Vagina Masturbator - Mocha


Shipped from within India.

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Lifelike Men’s Masturbator

Indulge in spectacular stimulation and powerful climax with the lifelike men’s masturbator from Amsterdam’s own FPPR collection. The skin-colored opening is shaped like a vagina which helps create a realistic experience along with the tight feeling it provides. Lined with a skin-like material the inside sleeve is also napped and ribbed for quality stimulation. For best results, always use a water-based lubricant to help with comfort and glide. Be sure to always clean this toy after each use. To clean properly, remove the inner sleeve from the casing and thoroughly clean with a toy cleaner or a gentle antibacterial soap. Dry the toy completely before the next use. This toy has the added benefit of being discreet thanks to its case-like look and easy-to-use lid. You can leave it out or bring it with you without needing to worry. This toy works with all penis sizes.


  • Toy designed to maximize male pleasure
  • Total Length: 15cm, Insertable Length: 14.5cm
  • Added privacy with discreet outer case and packaging
  • Best results when used with water-based lubricant
  • Skin-friendly TPR material, hypo-allergenic and safe for bodily use
  • Works with all penis sizes
  • Proper cleaning and drying of the inside sleeve is essential for continued use - Clean with soap and water or toy cleaner and dry thoroughly before putting the case back on.
  • This sex toy if imported from Amsterdam and shipped from Lovetreats’ Bangalore based warehouse
  • This sex toy is available for order online and is shipped with our 100% discreet delivery, anywhere in India

How to use

Apply a water-based lubricant to your penis. This will help with smooth insertion and a comfortable glide. Once you’ve applied the lubricant, insert your penis through the top opening and into the sleeve. Using one or both of your hands, move the toy up and down at your desired speed and rhythm. Once you’ve finished using the toy, thoroughly clean the inside sleeve with toy cleaner or a mild antibacterial soap. Make sure the sleeve is completely dry before returning it to its case.

Expert Tips 

  1. Don’t be afraid to change it up. Experiment with different rhythms, speeds, pressure, and suction to find what works best for you. Every new technique you try is a chance for a new, powerful climax experience.
  2. Get creative. This toy is great for masturbation but it can also be used during foreplay or during partner sex, all you have to do is get creative.  

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