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Get men's masturbators (fleshlights), butt plugs, prostate massagers, or vibrating cock rings for intense sexual satisfaction. Really! You want to because men's sex toys will improve your sex life! Men's masturbators such as fleshlights and strokers are great for beginners and experienced players alike. Prostate massagers and butt plugs are suitable for more experienced users. A vibrating cock ring will help you last longer and give a seriously more intense orgasm.

Silicone Anal Beads (Black) by Easytoys
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Vibrating Cock Ring by Doc Johnson
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Fleshlight Flight Instructor Men's Masturbator
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Vibrating Cock Ring (Purple) by Easytoys
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Silicone Anal Beads (Pink) by Easytoys
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OVO B1 Vibrating Ring (Black)
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Elastic Anal Chain: Bendy Beads (Red) by Fun Factory
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Long Power Marathon Cream
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Long Time Delay Spray
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Buttplug with Pullring by Easytoys
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Sex Toys That Men Love

Prostate Massagers. Experienced users of anal sex toys for men enjoy anal stimulation because it is the best way to stimulate your P-spot. Prostate stimulators are anal sex toys for men specially designed to give the P-spot an intense massage. P-massagers are made of body safe materials like silicone or polished stainless steel. Contrary to common belief, P-spot stimulation has nothing to do with sexual orientation - both straight and gay men enjoy prostate massagers because they feel really good! 

Because the P-spot is packed with thousands of nerve endings,  arousing this area in the anus really enhances a man’s orgasm. Men can have two types of orgasm - one is by ejaculating and the other is by prostate stimulation, which can be achieved multiple times without the refraction period. Yes, men can have multiple orgasms! Awesome!

How to use anal sex toys? Apply some water based lube on your new anal toy and carefully slip it inside, and you're good to go! Always clean before and after every use to maintain optimal hygiene.

Cock Rings. Pleasure rings (also called cock rings or penis rings) are men's sex toys made of flexible silicone, so they fit all penis sizes. A cock ring restricts the blood-flow to the penis just enough to keep you from climaxing quickly and help you last longer. A vibrating penis ring includes a small motor which produces powerful vibrations that stimulate the penis and enhance the erection, making it bigger and stronger. 

How to use a cock ring? Just slip this flexible ring on your erect penis with some lubricant. One size fits all, which means the rings are stretchable. Cock rings are best used with a water-based lubricant. To clean them just use water and soap or a special toy cleaner.

Men's Masturbators aka Male Masturbators. The real-feel design of a male masturbator provides a super realistic penetration experience. This popular men's sex toy is made of silicone or high quality PTE and is sometimes designed to look like a vagina, mouth or anus. Men's masturbators come close to replicating the real life feeling of a blowjob or penetrative sex. They are a perfect upgrade from your hand, excellent for solo sessions! Men's solo sex doesn't get much better! 

How to use a men's masturbator. Apply a good amount of water based lube on the entrance of your fleshlight, slide your penis inside, and you're good to go! Always clean your sex toy with warm water and soap and let it dry completely before putting it back in storage.

Other male sex toys (AKA man's sexy toys) for you can be found in our dildo collection and our anal play collection.


Want a tour of the fleshlight factory in Texas? Watch this vid! (it's age restricted, so sign in to Google or YT for access!)



Need help in picking the right men's sex toy? If you have any questions or concerns about buying your first fleshlight or men's masturbator, cock ring, butt plug or p-massager online, don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you in choosing the best men's sex toy for you! You may also find this guide to picking out your first sex toy helpful.

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