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Sex toys for couples will spice up your sex life with your partner! Get more sexual satisfaction and excitement for you both with premium handcuffs, orgasm gels, vibrating pleasure rings, and more. Enhance foreplay with massage oils and erotic adult games, or discover our fetish and soft bondage toys if you dare!
Sex toys for couples like vibrators, couple massagers and vibrating cock rings help women climax, and close the orgasm gap. Talk to your partner before buying a sex toy, and pick out an item together!
Whether you have already been using adult toys or are totally new to the experience and looking for a beginner-friendly sex toy - you have come to the right place! Check out our collection of pleasure toys for couples in India, guaranteed to spice up your love life!

BIOglide Strawberry Lubricant Plus Size
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BIOglide Cherry Lubricant Plus Size
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Rabbit Cock Ring for Couples by Pipedream
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Magic Wand (Black) by Sway
10% Off
Sold Out

Magic Wand (Black) by Sway

₹ 8,999 ₹ 9,999

Totally His Handcuffs by Fifty Shades of Grey
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Kamasutra Poker Game
15% Off
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Kamasutra Poker Game

₹ 3,799 ₹ 4,450

Furry Handcuffs (Black) by OUCH!
8% Off
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Furry Handcuffs (Black) by ...

₹ 1,099 ₹ 1,199

Butt Plug: Something Forbidden by Fifty Shades
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G-Spot Vibrator: Jive by We-Vibe
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Restrain Me Bondage Ropes by Fifty Shades of Grey
6% Off
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Restrain Me Bondage Ropes b...

₹ 2,999 ₹ 3,200

Clitoral Vibrator: Touch by We-Vibe
16% Off
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Clitoral Vibrator: Touch by...

₹ 9,200 ₹ 10,999

Vibrating Cock Ring by Doc Johnson
13% Off
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Vibrating Cock Ring by Doc ...

₹ 7,499 ₹ 8,650

Remote Control Vibrating Egg: I've Got You by Fifty Shades of Grey
21% Off
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Remote Control Vibrating Eg...

₹ 15,890 ₹ 19,990

Triple Pleasure 3-in-1 Couples Sex Toy
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Double Dildo: Share (Violet) by Fun Factory
23% Off
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Double Dildo: Share (Violet...

₹ 9,999 ₹ 12,999

Couples Vibrator: Unite (New Edition) by We-Vibe
5% Off
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Couples Vibrator: Unite (Ne...

₹ 9,499 ₹ 9,999

Couples Vibrator: Sync (Aqua) by We-Vibe
25% Off
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Couples Vibrator: Sync (Aqu...

₹ 16,999 ₹ 22,799

Magic Wand: USB Rechargeable Mini Wand by Easytoys
50% Off
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Magic Wand: USB Rechargeabl...

₹ 3,999 ₹ 7,999

Naughty Surprise Gift Box
17% Off
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Naughty Surprise Gift Box

₹ 4,999 ₹ 5,999

Bullet Vibrator: Tango USB Rechargeable Bullet by We-Vibe
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Vibrating Cock Ring: Feel It by Fifty Shades of Grey
20% Off
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Vibrating Cock Ring: Feel I...

₹ 2,799 ₹ 3,499

Easyglide Warming Waterbased Lubricant (Plus Size)
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In the adult toy industry, one size DOES NOT fit all. That is why you have a multitude of options to choose from, which can be an overwhelming experience the more you spend time browsing. Of course, there are bedroom staples you can never go wrong with, such as vibrators and dildos, but if you are shopping as a couple, we highly recommend you delve deeper into this category designed especially for pairs. Even the whole process of choosing new toys can be the perfect opportunity to bond with your partner and explore your intimate desires. Go ahead, open up a dialogue between the two of you and let each other know what products deserve a special role in your private routine. That, or you can shop something incognito as a surprise.


Think of lube as the magic elixir that enhances everything on so many levels. Not only will things run more smoothly but it will increase the feeling of satisfaction. So when you go shopping for toys for couples, definitely add some lube to the mix. Just make sure your choice of lube is compatible with your toys! For instance, silicone-based lubricants which are perfect for flesh-on-flesh intercourse but can ruin your silicone-based toys, whereas water-based lubricants will go well with your favorite playthings.


If you are still not certain what type of adult toy will complement your love life, have no fear. Just consider starting with what you already have on hand. Many women are already proud owners of vibrators so use them to spice up your sessions and estimate where your intimacy might lead you in the future. Once you get the hang of things, you will understand what type of sensation you want to induce. Armed with such knowledge, you can upgrade your sensory repertoire and find complementary love treats that will bring that extra oomph to the table for the both of you.


If you are completely new to using toys for couples, just remember to keep things slow and experiment a little during your sessions. See where the sensations lead you. If you are a woman with a male partner who is well acquainted with your intimate delights, consider showing him your private stash and introduce him to all the wonders they can create. Explain all the perks of your solo sessions and invite him to choose a toy he’d like to use on you. You can also show him some of your favorite moves, describe each sensation, and afterward let him take the wheel to finish you off. Teaching sessions can be a sensual bonding experience, plus it will give your partner a better idea of how to hit all the right spots.

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