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6 Intimate Products Every Couple Should Invest In

Bedroom Essentials 

6 Goodies You And Your Partner Shouldn't Miss Out On

Shopping for adult products can be a bit overwhelming, especially for those who are new to lubricants, sex toys, and all things spicy. But don't worry, we have got you covered. This is our list of the Top 6 bedroom essentials for an exciting love life. Time to fill up your goodie drawer! 

Condoms That Really Fit

Did you know that 70% of men avoid using condoms, because they haven't found the right fit and thus experience discomfort wearing a condom? Give it some time and effort, and find the right fit for you. The easiest way is to simply try out different types and brands until you find the perfect one. In our collection of condoms you will also find condom sizes apart from standard size, like extra large and snug fit. Contact our customer support if you have any questions!

A High Quality Lubricant

Lubes are every lover's best friend. They reduce friction, and thus give you a smooth feeling during sex. By the way, it's a myth that you only need a lube if you're feeling dry. In fact, lubes are also a great way to experiment and spice things up. For example, try flavoured lubricants to spice up oral sex, or experiment with a warming or tingling lube for new sensations. 

Sensual Massage Oil or Lotion

Invest in a premium massage oil or lotion, and experience intense moments of sensuality with your partner. You can also try a massage candle, which melts into a lukewarm massage oil when lit. Not sure how to give your partner a nice massage? Don't worry, we've got you covered: Every massage item you order from Lovetreats comes with a free guide to giving a sensual massage.

A Sexy Bedroom Game

Couples who play together, stay together! Play a sexy game together to break the ice, and to break out of your routine.

Some vibrating goodies

During foreplay, stimulate each other's erogenous zones with a vibrating massager and experience a whole new world of sensations. Use a vibrating pleasure ring during sex to get that extra kick!

Sensual foreplay accessories

Experiment with sensory play to take pleasure and excitements to a new level. Blindfolds, soft handcuffs and feather ticklers are perfect for beginners who want to add a new element to foreplay! 

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