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Diamond Anal Plug Set (3-piece) by Easytoys

By Easytoys

Shipped from within India.

INR 3,399.00


3 different sized diamond plugs

This 3-piece butt plug set is perfect for anyone who wants to discover the excitement of anal stimulation. The butt plugs have different dimensions, so you can start small and go one step further at your own pace. The plugs are made of wonderfully soft, body-safe silicone for a comfortable use. The flat bottom of the plugs ensures safe use. The bottom also contains a beautiful stone, which gives this sex toy set a luxurious appearance. Don´t forget to use water based lube!

3 months full warranty. 

  • Imported from Netherlands, shipped from India
  • 100% silicone, anti allergic,100% waterproof
  • Small butt plug: Length: 7 cm Insertion depth: 6.2 cm Max. diameter: 2.7 cm Min. diameter: 0.8 cm  
  • Medium butt plug: Length: 7.9 cm Insertion depth: 7 cm Max. diameter: 3.3 cm Min. diameter: 0.9 cm  
  • Large butt plug: Length: 9.3 cm Insertion depth: 8.1 cm Max. diameter: 4 cm  Min. diameter: 1.1 cm
  • Made of non-porous silicone – easy to clean with hot water and soap
  • Best paired with water based lube
  • Imported from Europe, shipping from India - order sex toys online at ease!
    How to use

    This set of 3 diamond plugs is designed to pleasure either gender and people of any sexual orientation. Make sure you use it with a good amount of any water-based lubricant and insert it carefully, leaving the base outside of the body for safe removal. Clean before and after every use with hot water and soap.

    Expert Tips

    Start with the smallest one and explore the bigger ones as you get more experienced.

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