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Have you ever tried role playing? If no, you might be missing out on some fun which is safe, exciting and adds spice to your sex life. First, let me demystify something here. Role playing is not for those whose sex life is fizzing out. It can be for anyone who likes trying out new stuff. If you think you are ready to try role playing, read on to find out which one will work best for you and your partner.


Strangers at a bar


This act takes seducing out of the house. 'Strangers at the bar' is popular, and it comes with simple instructions. Book an hour in the evening, decide a place and show up almost at the same time. When you both spot each other, start the act and stay in the character. The man can go with some good lines and the women can play ‘hard-to-get’. The tough part is not to laugh! Slipping out of character is easy. Once you guys flirt and feel like things are going smooth, take the next step. You both can head to a hotel or home and make crazy love. This act is full of seduction, excitement, and meeting a familiar stranger all over again.


Favorite Movie Scene Reenactment

re-enacting Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone re-enacting the whole Dirty Dancing Scene? (Image source: Collider)

How about re-enacting Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone re-enacting the scene from Dirty Dancing? (Image source: Collider)

I love this one. It is spontaneous, and you can choose what you both are comfortable with. So which movie scene do you guys love the most? Think and start planning. You might want to book a hotel, go to a park, an alley, at home or any place your act requires you to go to stage the scene. Learn the dialogues and maybe dress up the way it was in the movie scene. I presume the scene is romantic, so the fun lies in being romantic, seductive, nervous and a little naughty. You both will love how the scene will end… hopefully in bed.



We all love massages. So add fun, sex, and a little bit kinkiness to the massage sessions your partner gives you often. Role playing will take it to a new level where you guys can be open to new things. Choose romantic aromatic massage oils and add some music to the mood. Go slowly, gently and talk dirty. Ease away the stress and start making some hot love to your 'client'. You know the right pressure points!


Popular fictional character

GREY'S ANATOMY-  "Dream a Little Dream of Me" - On the two-hour season premiere of "Grey's Anatomy," Meredith and Derek learn that "happily ever after" isn't easy, a military doctor who brings in a trauma patient catches Cristina's eye, and the Chief and his staff reel at the news that Seattle Grace is no longer nationally ranked as a top-tier teaching hospital, on "Grey's Anatomy," THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/ERIC McCANDLESS) PATRICK DEMPSEY, ELLEN POMPEO

Derek and Meredith anyone? (Image source: Crushable)

If you like to enact fictional characters and love a romantic duo like Romeo and Juliet, Ross and Rachael, Edward Lewis and Vivian Ward, Marshall and Lily, et al. this role play can become your favorite. Such characters ooze romance. So become romantic. Learn a few of their signature lines and meet each other in a café, office, street, etc. just the way your characters do. It could be a first meeting, first sex or just a romantic conversation that touched your heart. This role play is in your control. You can make it sexy, kinky, naughty, romantic or full of ‘first-times’. Start planning!

Have you tried role playing yet? How did it work for you? Did you laugh, or couldn't stay in character? Tell us!


Written by Ramandeep Kaur. Raman is a writer, feminist, cook, adventure freak, and a proud aunt. She took over writing almost five years back after quitting a Manager position. So she follows her instincts, works hard and parties harder. Raman wants her readers to feel happy and informed by her writings, so her style is simple, short but fun. Catch up with her if you happen to be in Auckland, NZ. She likes coffee.

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