Sex Toys for Women

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Sex toys for women! Craving for extra stimulation during sex? Just want to spend a little sexy time like a queen when he is not around? Looking to take self-love to the next level? Discover our imported sex toys for women. Dildos, clitoral stimulators, vibrators, and so much more!

Sexy Treats for Women

Dildos for stimulation through penetration. Vibrators to stimulate the G-spot. Clitoral stimulators to stimulate your - you guessed it! - clitoris! Other sex toys for women? Lovetreats has got them all! Lovetreats is where you can buy sex toys for women without burning a hole in your wallet.


Popular Sex Toys for Women

Here are some of the most popular types of sex toys for women, whether you want to experiment with your partner or desire to have fun alone.


The most common sex toy in a woman's nightstand. Comes in various shapes and sizes, and packs a whole lot of features to suit the bedroom vibe. Most women agree that the rabbit vibrators are the best because they feature a shaft for penetration and a protruding bunny-like arm  for perfect clitoral stimulation. A guaranteed ticket to bliss.



They come in various phallic shapes and a wide array of sizes to suit you. Perfect for beginners. Materials include soft silicone, completely smooth hard glass, or stainless steel. Use a lubricant with dildos.


Clitoral Stimulators

Designed to fit around your clitoris and use controlled waves of suction to stimulate it. Similar to oral sex! Most devices are rechargeable, waterproof, have speeds for controlling the intensity, and are usually the size of a lipstick.


Anal Toys

Specifically designed for anal stimulation with a flared base or loop at the end to prevent them from getting stuck inside. If you really want to spice things up, anal beads feature balls attached on a long string. Insert them into the anus, starting with smaller ones and work your way up to the larger ones. They are made of body safe silicone or rubber, and feature a handle or loop for safe extraction.


Kegel Balls

Used for exercising your pelvic floor muscles or Kegel exercises. The stronger your muscles are, the more intense you can orgasm. Kegel balls are slipped inside the vagina and held in place by flexing. This motion can also massage your G-spot. Attached to a cord for easy extraction. Strengthening your pelvic floor also helps with urinary incontinence and aids in recovery after childbirth. Kegel balls should not be used anally.

Lovetreats' sex toys are the answer for women who want to spice up the game and climax powerfully. Choose your adult toy today!

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