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Clitoral Vibrators stimulate a woman's clitoris for her sexual pleasure and orgasm. Clitoral Stimulators are super popular now because they make for unforgettable orgasms. That's all there is to it! By arousing specific erogenous zones, Clitoral Massagers hit all the right spots without having to stimulate the entire genital area. These women's sex toys range from ultra discreet Mini vibrators to the venerable Magic Wand - the Cadillac of clitoral stimulators! Whether you're looking for a Mini or a Cadillac, our Clitoral Vibrators will bring you to perfect orgasm every session!

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Women with Different Speeds and Different Needs 

Most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Naturally, clitoral vibrators or stimulators are an essential part of a woman's sex toy collection for this very reason.

Clitoral Vibrators (aka Clitoral Stimulators) differ from classic vibrators in their appearance and the stimulation they are designed to produce. Lay-On VibratorsBullet Vibrators, Suction Clitoral Stimulators, or Contoured Clitoral Massagers have more compact designs than a classic vibrator or a Magic Wand. 

Choosing the right clitoris massager boils down to personal preference. Depending on your needs, it may sometimes be better to invest in a small, discreet clitoral sex toy rather than a Cadillac-sized vibrating wand. 

A Magic Wand provides power. It became a classic for reasons. If you want a compact vibrator, discreet and travel-friendly Bullet Vibrators or a Mini Vibrator, have several intensity levels and will easily fit in your purse. 

Apart from portability, consider material softness and vibration intensity. Medical-grade silicone is soft and resilient. The magic wand massaging end is comfortable on any area of the body for this reason. Most clit vibrators are waterproof and can be used in showers. Look for non-porous toys, as porous materials can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Many models are USB rechargeable and yield roughly 2 hours of active use.


How Do Clitoral Vibrators Work?

The clitoris is the most nerve-dense part of the human body, and the internal clitoral body branches out to wrap around the vaginal canal. So it stands that there are many, many ways to stimulate the clitoris. One can stimulate the clitoris merely with fingers or by grinding against a pillow. But sex toys add versatility and intensity to the experience. 

Whether you like to work on your clitoris slowly or with a little more power, clit stimulators have motors that vary vibration intensity and patterns to produce a range of stimuli for any solo play style. Wands and lay-ons produce wide diffuse rumbling sensations, while mini vibrators produce more targeted vibrations. 

Different stimulation techniques work best with specific types of sex toys. It all depends on how they stimulate the clitoris. Some work simply with vibrations, others rely on vibrations and pressure, and others use suction or airwaves. A Bullet Vibrator, a Mini Vibrator, or a Magic Wand are naturally suited for clitoral stimulation by simply rubbing up and down or orbiting the clitoris with a vibrating mechanism. To stimulate the clitoris with a gentle tapping motion, a Mini Vibrator or a Magic Wand come in, well, let's say, handy.

Lay-On Vibrators and Wands work well for those who want to stimulate the clitoris with grinding pressure and sensations. The external arm of a Rabbit Vibrator specifically cradles and gently "pinches" the clitoral head on each side. And the Rabbit Vibrator was designed for dual stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot.

Suction is also a powerful stimulus on the clitoral head, and clitoral suction devices (clitoral suckers) are designed expressly for that purpose. Suction provides sensations unlike pleasure from pressure, stroking, or vibrations because it mimics the sensations of oral sex. Air Wave Clitoral Stimulators masturbate the clitoris with patterns of airwaves

A cute and funny video on how to use sex toys featuring a clitoris stimulator. Log in to Google or YT to view these vids because they're age restricted! Its worth it. So funny and useful!

Another cute and funny vid where a very nice lady compares three air suction clitoral stimulators. Very informative and funny.


All our Clitoral Stimulators provide superb clitoral vibrations if you like versatility during solo play or intercourse. Pick from different clitoral sex toys to match your mood, ranging from naughty (Mini), fulfilled, playful, and adventurous (Magic Wand).


Q&A: Clitoris Stimulator Basics

Q: What is a clitoral stimulator?
A: A clitoral stimulator is a device that is used to stimulate the clitoris. It can be used for sexual pleasure or to help a woman reach orgasm.

Q: Is a clitoral stimulator the same as a clitoral vibrator?
A: A clitoral stimulator is not the same as a clitoral vibrator. A clitoral stimulator is a device that is used to stimulate the clitoris without vibration. This can be achieved through suction or air waves.

Q: How does a clitoral stimulator work?
A: A clitoral stimulator works by stimulating the clitoris with pressure, suction, and/or friction.

Q: How does a clitoral vibrator work?
A: A clit vibrator works by stimulating the clitoris with vibrations.

Q: Is a clitoris stimulator battery operated?
A: Some clit stimulators are battery operated, but not all of them are.

Q: How many batteries does a clit stimulator usually need?
A: A clitoral stimulator usually needs two AA batteries.


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