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Butt plugs, large and small! Enema bulbs, anal beads, and anal dildos for beginners as well as experienced users alike. Whether you are looking for anal stimulation during solo play or want to experiment with anal play with your partner - Lovetreats has the perfect anal sex toy for you! Discreet shipping from our Bangalore warehouse guaranteed!

Fun Times with Anal Play

You can reach erogenous zones you probably never knew existed with anal play. Women don't have as many "pleasure" nerve endings in that area, whereas men are much more sensitive due to their prostate gland. So it's kind of a guy thing, but that is definitely not an absolute. Ladies just have to explore a little more to pin-point specific spots that will stimulate the G-Spot and clitoral structures via anal play. Once you get comfortable and you know what you are doing, you'll find that anal play supercharges orgasms by introducing new and potent sensations. Non-technical TL:DR: anal play feels really good once you get the hang of it! 


Be Sure to Prep

Anal can be a bit messy if you are unprepared. But most of the time, it really isn't that messy. Using condoms with a partner or on your toys will keep things nice and fresh. A blast with an enema bulb and warm water will also keep everything fresh. Just remember not to enema more than once a week, as too many sessions remove electrolytes from your canal and lead to irritation. A quick and easy solution is to use an unscented baby wipe to clean the outer ring of the anus. The best prep is to try to empty your bowels an hour before play followed by a quick shower or bath. Here are some helpful tips on prepping for anal play.


Go Slow

Sometimes beginners go too hard at first and underestimate their canal's sensitivity. It's a delicate space! Beginners should work their way up with a bit of caution as you don't want to aggravate the sensitive lining in your passageway. Start with smaller toys until you get used to them and find yourself wanting more, and then work your way to medium-sized toys. You'll know when you're ready! So remember to take it slow and use plenty of lube to ensure a smooth ride. Women have much more sensitive passageways than guys, so remember to be super gentle and go really slow until she says to pick up the pace. Here is a friendly guide on doing anal the right way. And always clean your toys before and after play. No exceptions!


Anal Toys: Materials & Styles

Butt plugs, prostrate massagers, anal dildos ... They all do the same job but have different shapes, lengths and widths to appeal to players with varying levels of experience. Small plugs usually have less than 5 inches of insertable length. Medium plugs range from 5 to 7 inches of insertable length. Large plugs are enormous and only appeal to very experienced players. You want a length that provides the right feeling of fullness upon insertion without discomfort.

Prostate massagers are essentially butt plugs with a curve at the top to better massage the prostate. Some prostate massagers provide dual stimulation by stimulating the perineum (the area between your genitals and anus) while your sex toy is inside the anus. Dual prostate massagers are the men's equivalent of a rabbit vibrator! Anal beads are a set of insertable spheres attached by a string and a pull plug.

Anal toys are usually made of body-safe silicone, but luxury models come in smooth hardened glassstainless steel, or chrome-plated aluminium. Glass and stainless toys introduce the option of playing with temperatures. Just warm up your anal toy by soaking it in warm water or cool it by leaving it in the refrigerator. Always use water-based lube with silicone toys, as silicone lube or oils will likely damage your toy.


Finding the Right Size

Butt plugs and prostate massagers are designed to stimulate the anal canal. But a giant anal toy can be too much toy. Also, a butt plug too small won't make sense either. The goal is to find the right length of toy to do the job without it being uncomfortable or painful. But first, let's look at how manufacturers provide specifications for their toys' measurements.

Overall Length: This is the length of the toy from its tip to the very bottom of its base. For many people with some experience with sex toys, the ideal overall length can range from 3 to 5 inches for anal play. If you are a beginner, start smaller and work your way up! More than that takes skill and experience, so be careful not to overestimate your capabilities. 

Insertable length: This is the length of the toy that you can insert into your orifice. The insertable length of a flared anal dildo would be the overall length of the dildo minus the length of the flared base. Insertable length is really a measurement of how deep your sex toy can travel into you. For Reference: the average erect penis is about 5 inches long.

Width: The measurement from the edge of one side of your toy to the edge of the opposite side. Width is the same as the diameter. Basically with is a measurement of how wide a sex toy is. For Reference: the average erect penis is about 1.5 inches wide.

Girth: The circumference of a sex toy. The length of the outer edge of a sex toy if you look down at it, and then you measure the edge all around the toy. Basically, girth is how people measure a circle's size. Width is the more intuitive measurement of wideness for most people.


Anal Play is just for Gay Guys and Porn Stars, Right??!

This is a common misconception, but many straight guys instinctively associate anal play with homosexuality. That is simply not true, as the anal opening and anal canal have a dense concentration of nerve endings. Stimulus is a biological function, not an expression of sexual orientation. If it feels good, that's because the body is made that way. Who somebody wants to feel good with is a sexual orientation; how they go about feeling good is more about biological function. Massaging the prostate gland provides powerful stimuli that take men's orgasms to an entirely different level. And many people with vulvas also enjoy anal play because it can stimulate the vaginal canal through the internal clitoral structures.
A couple of great little vids on the basics of anal play and how to prep for play. Sign in to your Google or YT account to see the second vid - its age restricted.


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