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The women's sex toy that definitely started a revolution! Whether they are mighty or mini, hands-free - the bunny will bring you where you need to go! No matter if you are new to rabbits or are looking for an upgrade, we at LoveTreats are here to take you all the way home! Rabbit Vibrators stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time by adding clitoral stimulators to the vibrator’s shaft. And you guessed it - clitoral stimulators look like cute vibrating bunny ears! The vibrating bunny ears give women more intense stimulation and sensations than dildos or classic vibrators. Fun Fact: Rabbit Vibrators became really popular when a 1998 episode of Sex and the City featured one! They've been women's go-to sex toy ever since!

Rabbit Vibrators Are More Than Just Cute!

Rabbit Vibrators have been vibrating women to rapture since their inception in Japan in the 1980s. What makes them so unique? Luxurious sexual stimulation through vibration on multiple spots! About 80% of women require clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Many women cannot rely on the stimulation from penetration alone to do the job.


How Rabbit Vibrators Work

Bunny vibrators have the noble function of providing the best of both worlds by simultaneously stimulating the Clitoris, the Vagina and the G-Spot! A Rabbit Vibrator is designed like a classic vibrator but has an arm (or rabbit) attached to its stem that extends out to stimulate the clitoris. The main shaft is usually bulbous and will curve towards the tip. The curve provides more control in applying pressure to the G-Spot. The extended arm or shaft splits into two bunny ears so the clitoris can rest between them. Some models have a nub instead of ears where the intent is to stimulate the clitoris with pressure and vibrations simultaneously. This is a Rabbit with rabbit ears on the extended shaft:

This is a rabbit with a nub on the extended shaft:

Simultaneous internal G-Spot and external clitoral stimulation at the same time is super intense because it produces a blended orgasm. And that means fuller, more intense sensations that lead to stronger orgasms. Experiencing climax via G-spot stimulation or clitoral stimulation alone is less fierce. That's all that needs to be said!


Early Bunny Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrators are more than just cute! In the early days of Bunny Vibrators in Japan, clitoral stimulators had vibrating ears to tease and tickle sensitive areas. Attaching the bunny ears was to woo conservative women and circumvent laws prohibiting phallic designs. These early clitoral stimulators (the "bunny ears" attached to the side of the vibrator's shaft) sometimes even resemble people's heads, smiley faces, or fancy hair-dos! Modern rabbit designs are ergonomic, effective, and shaped to suit women's bodies for better clitoral, vaginal, and G-spot stimulation for explosive sensations. The original rabbit vibrator:


Modern Rabbit Vibrators are made of high-quality and body-safe silicone and have mighty motors with “longer mileage”. High-end rabbits are also waterproof, easy to clean, rechargeable, quiet, and more ergonomically sound. They usually come with different modes that have a choice of patterns and speeds for different vibes depending on your mood.  


How to Use A Rabbit Vibrator

Start by applying water-based lube to your vagina. Also, use some lube on your clitoris and dab some on your vibrator. If you are new to rabbits, work your way up by first focusing on clitoral stimulation to introduce your clit to the bunny ears on your new toy. You don't need to turn the vibrator on because you can use the bunny ears to play with your clitoris. Once you are warmed up, insert the vibrator's shaft into your vagina. You'll know how quickly to insert, but adjust angles to introduce pressure to different points inside. Then begin stimulating your clitoris with the fluttering bunny ears while the shaft is inside. There you have it! Dual stimulation for orgasmic bliss. 

A clip from the Sex in the City episode with the Bunny Vibrator! The second video is a very nice lady who tests five different rabbits. (Sign into your Google account to see the vids!)


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