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  • I am loving my 'treat', and so is my partner! *woot* We are looking forward to ordering more lovelies from Lovetreats. A sassy site like this was much needed in India!

    - Female, 25 from Mumbai

  • I had a great experience with Lovetreats! I bought a naughty anniversary gift for my wife and she loved it. Thanks for the nice chat support, was very friendly and gave good advice. Great to have this service in India now.

    - Male, 30 from Chennai

  • Loving my new 'battery operated boyfriend'. :D Thanks for the What'sApp support, it was very helpful in picking out the right toy. Delivery was fast and the packaging discreet as promised. Have recommended Lovetreats to all my friends! :)

    - Female, 23 from Bangalore

  • Very happy with the product I bought from Lovetreats and it is being used well too.. :) Will definitely come back to shop for more stuff!

    - Female, 34 from Pune

  • Thanks for the discreet delivery. I'm very happy with the goodies I got from you guys. Great quality, and nice add-on to get the free user guides with it. Have recommended Lovetreats to my friends as well.

    - Male, 26 from Delhi

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100% Confidential

100% Confidential

We value your privacy more than anything. That’s why we don’t share your order data with third parties and ensure confidentiality at all times.

Easy Returns

Easy Returns

We love happy customers! With our Easy Returns Policy we ensure that your Lovetreats experience is always a good one.

Guaranteed Quality

Guaranteed Quality

All our treats are tried and tested to ensure your safety and well-being. Plus, did you know that our toys have a 2 year warranty?

Original Products

Original Products

No fakes, no scams, no side effects. We hand pick our treats from premium brands across the globe to ensure the highest quality.

Discreet Packaging

Discrete Packaging

Your treats are shipped in a discreet, branding-free box with no mention of the product name. Not even our delivery partner knows what’s inside!

100% Legal

100% Legal

Every product gets checked and approved by Indian customs to make sure it is 100% legal and compliant in India.

Sex is in the Act

First there was sex. But if you paid attention in school, you’d say evolution. If you were one of those annoying class toppers who mugged up everything, you’d probably recite dates and species and Darwin and the Genesis. If you are a prodigy, you’d present arguments based on science, theology, philosophy, yada yada. Anyway, the point is it starts with sex and if you were mugging up other points you may have missed this one. What mattered was to get laid, to know the veiled secrets of the flesh, to be a man, a woman, a human. You even produced one. Sex was an act of intimacy that was just physical or sometimes brought together the physical and the emotional. It was the path to that legendary moment called an orgasm. If you weren’t getting some, you were probably watching some. Adult products those days meant porn tapes and magazines.

Sex is in the Position

First there was missionary. And then the Kamasutra was rediscovered and along with it positions that questioned the limits of the body. It showed you to stretch, to contort your body, and promised pleasure like never before. How far could you go? The mechanics of the body superseded the goal of copulation. Your bodies were your sex toys and more often than not they refused to conform to the positions prescribed and beautifully illustrated on glossy pages. You didn’t quite look the way you were supposed to look. Nowhere close in fact. And let’s not even get started with how sore your body felt later. Like you had just attended boot camp. But along the way the pain was worth it, we hope it was for your sake. And you may have discovered some positions that really heightened your pleasure and your partner’s and left you both glowing and satisfied.

Sex is in the Toys

First there was the hand. There were also dirty books and porn tapes and erotica and the hormones and the imagination that probably got the hand going. These were the days when adult products and adult online stores were not as accessible as they are today. You are on one of the adult online stores right now so you know what we mean by accessible. (You are welcome.) The hands no longer had to be subjected to sexually arousing you. The sex toys increased sexual possibilities multifold. The vibrators made you realize your pleasure points and you realized the battery was discovered for a reason. Then there were handcuffs and paddles and feathers that made sex that much more adventurous and fun. Orgasm was no longer a legend but something you could write a dissertation on. The hands were now free to clap with joy at yet another astounding performance. Or to spank.

Sex is in the Senses

First there was the body. The body came with the senses that could ignite you. The sight of your lover from across the room that made you tingly and lose control. The smell of your lover, the perfume or cologne, the hint of musky sweat on their skin. The touch of skin, smooth, rough, wet that could send shivers, make you moan. The taste of skin and lips with a trace of the berry lip balm. The sound of your voice, whispers, sweet nothings, dirty talk, moans and screams, and asking for more. The senses clearly know what they are doing and what’s being done. A barometer of pleasure, these senses are. Of course, you can’t rely on the body alone. Sensory pleasure can be in the atmosphere too: vanilla-scented candles, strawberries with a drizzle of honey and dollops of cream, dimmed lights, a sudsy bath, soft warm towels, music…

Sex is in the Intimacy

First there was you. And you wanted it to be more than you. You wanted the warmth of another’s skin and shared pleasures and soft laughter and secrets that made a little world for two (or more). Your intimacy probably began with you first. Knowing your mind, your body, your emotions. What made you hot, what made you cold. What made you laugh and what you made you cry and what made you scream. You discovered your body and kept discovering it in new ways. And then you began discovering it with lovers once again in new ways and some tried-and-tested old ways. With some it was physical intimacy, with others intellectual, with some others emotional. Physical intimacy that spanned sex and touch and hugs and kisses and caresses and the warmth of a body and holding hands and circling your arms around the midriff of your lover. And intimacy became you moving beyond you.

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