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A sex toy that feels real! A fleshlight will take your solo play to the next level, and open up new worlds of pleasure. Can be used solo or during foreplay or edging with your partner or ... you get the idea! Male masturbators simulate a textured vagina, mouth, or anus. Smooth and soft. Perfect if you want your solo play to feel almost like the real thing. With a dab of lubricant and a hint of imagination, a fleshlight can provide really strong orgasms!

What is a Men's Masturbator? 

Fleshlights mimic a real vagina, anus, or mouth. Male masturbators are basically a soft silicone sleeve or insert wrapped in a supporting exterior casing or shell. The sleeve or insert provides sexual sensations, while the outer cover controls movement and pressure (how tight the sleeve feels on your cock). Sleeves vary in material density and interior textures. Interior textures in the fleshlight's sleeve provide additional stimulation to the penis. The case encloses the toy.

Types of Men's Masturbators

Fleshlight designs vary between models and brands, with each creating a unique sensation for different grades of pleasure. Different models will have a different outward appearances. Many try to be realistic, while others are more abstract in design. Realistic men's masturbators mimic a real vagina, anus or mouth. They often have sleeves in flesh or pink tones. The intent is that by mimicking anatomy, realistic detail will power up the user's sexual fantasy. Abstract masturbators take more geometric shapes and usually do not replicate anatomy. Abstract fleshlights will have clear, black, or coloured inner sleeves. 
Fleshlights will vary in size, with the outer case and the interior sleeve coming in tighter and looser configurations. Some models are more compact overall, while others can be pretty large to accommodate additional layers of silicone in the sleeve. Some have snug orifices for a snug fit around the penis, while others accommodate more movement. Extra space in the sleeve means the sensations are more like oral sex, while a tighter sleeve mimics vaginal or anal sex.
There will also be variations in the sleeve and its interior textures. Different types of silicone provide a different feel because they have different densities. Men's masturbator sleeves are usually made of body-safe silicone or sometimes from rubber polymers. Quality fleshlights are not made of phthalates. You can always tell if a sex toy is made with phthalates because they will give off a strong chemical smell when you unpackage them for the first time.
All men's masturbators take your solo experience to new heights by delivering powerful and sometimes totally new sensations. Yummy! Choosing a fleshlight is a matter of personal preference. So go ahead and read user reviews of different models to get a sense of which ones may work for you. And yes, men's masturbators can add a twist to sexy time with your partner. Your partner can use your male masturbator to drive you wild, especially by edging you, which brings you to the edge of a great orgasm and keeps you there! 


Interior Textures. What do You Mean Textures??!!

OK, a fleshlight's interior textures are where the rubber hits the road. :) Different texture combinations create a range of sexual sensations on the penis. Standard and tight sleeves rely on the insert's tightness and silicone density to provide most of the feeling. Standard sleeves are your base tool, no extras, but they will always get the job done with minimum distractions. Bumpy and wavy textures are the other variations that can turbo-charge your solo experience. Sleeves with ribbed and vortex textures provide the most complex sexual sensations.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Fleshliight

Using a Fleshlight should be pretty straightforward, right? Just stroke up and down, and you're done! Not so fast! Firstly, always use water-based lube with a fleshlight, otherwise it will not feel good at all. (Yes, we have had customers try a fleshlight without lube and then complain that it didn't feel good!). Working with a fleshlight to its fullest potential offers a vastly more powerful experience. Good fleshlights will have sophisticated texture designs in their sleeves. Texture design is what takes the fleshlight experience to the next level. Varying the penis' movement in the sleeve will bring all the interior textures into play, providing new and different sensations. Having sensations vary with every stroke is what makes fleshlights so powerful.
If you want a more realistic feeling, warm up your fleshlight's sleeve before use to mimic a partner's body temperature. Just leave it under running water for a few minutes or soak it in warm water for a minute or two. Do not put your fleshlight in the oven or microwave! Pro tips on using a male masturbator here. A guide that covers all fleshlight basics is here.
Men's masturbators take solo play up several levels because they create sensations that your hand cannot make. That's it, that's all.

How Real is the Feeling? 

Fleshlights, masturbator sleeves, and strokers replicate the textured feeling of a vagina or anal opening. A good quality men's masturbator will give like 90% of the physical sensations you would get in an encounter with a partner. The 90% of the real thing feels so good that the other 10% doesn't matter! Just lube up your men's masturbator, start fantasizing, and anticipate some of the best orgasms of your life! 

Fleshlight, Men's Masturbator, Male Stroker. What's in a name?

The terms fleshlight, male masturbator, and men's masturbator all refer to the same sex toy. Fleshlight is actually a brand name, but people use fleshlight to refer to a mens' masturbator because it sounds more cool and clever. A male stroker or men's stroker is different from a fleshlight. Strokers are more portable and simpler in design. A stroker augments solo play, while a fleshlight mimics the natural thing to take solo play to the next level. 

Clean your Masturbator! 

Thoroughly rinse your masturbator with some warm water. Afterward, pat the fleshlight dry with a soft cloth and leave it to dry completely before storing it away.

Q&A: Fleshlight Basics

Q: What is a fleshlight?
A: A fleshlight is a sex toy for men. It is a sleeve that is made of soft material and is designed to feel like real skin.

Q: How real does a fleshlight feel?
A: A men's masturbator can feel very real. The material is soft and feels like real skin. The sleeve is also designed to mimic the feeling of real skin.

Q: What types of fleshlights are there?
A: There are many different types of men's masturbators. Some are designed to feel like real vaginas, while others are designed to feel like anal openings. There are also fleshlights that are designed to feel like mouths.

Q: Do you need to use lubricant with a fleshlight?
A: Always use lubricant with a fleshlight. This will help reduce friction and make the experience more pleasurable.

Q: Do fleshlights fit any size of penis?
A: Men's masturbators are designed to fit any size of penis.

Q: Can a penis get stuck inside a fleshlight?
A: A penis is very unlikely to stuck or suctioned in to a fleshlight if the toy is used within its intended use cases.
Q: Do fleshlights smell?
A: Men's masturbators do not smell if they are made with quality materials. Lower grade materials in low quality toys can give off a strong chemical smell.
Q: Can you get a bacterial infection from using a fleshlight   A: if you keep your fleshlight clean by washing it after every use you cannot get an infection from using a fleshlight. Naturally, never share a men's masturbator with someone else. That is asking for problems. 
Q: What kind of material is a fleshlight sleeve made of?
A: The sleeve in a fleshlight is made of soft material that feels like real skin. They are usually made of medical grade silicon or rubber polymers. 

Q: Do fleshlights vibrate?
A: Usually fleshlights do not vibrate but some are designed to vibrate.
This vid provides basic instructions on how to masturbate with a sleeve. Sign in to your Google or YT account to watch this vid. It's age restricted.

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