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Our condom category features premium brands that are proven to be reliable, safe, and most notably, they add excitement and extra flair to the whole experience. It is very important to know your length and girth in order to purchase the right size and avoid any unwanted circumstances during or after intercourse. Using a condom that is too small can cut the supply of blood and stifle the sensation, whereas condoms which are too big can slip right off and fail to fulfill their purpose. Our main goal is to provide you with brands that are known for their natural feel and will keep you safe throughout your entire performance. Condoms should be made of thin medical-grade polyurethane material, which doesn’t cause an allergic reaction to latex. Our products on offer are specially designed to transmit body heat and feel super comfortable to the point where you don’t notice them on you at all.


Primarily, bear in mind that there are two prevalent types of lubes: silicone-based and water-based. Silicone-based lubricants last longer because they do not dry up, they cause little to no allergic reactions, and they can enhance the feeling considering that they feel thicker to the touch. However, the downsides are that they aren’t compatible with silicone-based toys, they are difficult to wash off, they cost more than water-based products, and tend to have a bad taste. Water-based lubricants, on the other hand, are more widespread due to their affordability, they are safe to use with latex condoms, and are easy to wash off or clean from fabrics and surfaces. However, this type of lube is known to evaporate quickly, which prompts frequent reapplication, many contain glycerin, which is known to cause skin irritation, and some might even contain parabens, which have weak estrogen-like properties that can cause health issues.


Both condoms and lubricants have immense health benefits because they prevent all sorts of potential risks during sex. Condoms are still the #1 contraceptive that protects users from STIs and avoids unwanted pregnancies. Additionally, there are designs which can greatly enhance the feeling of pleasure, thus intensifying the orgasms and overall experience. Lubes prevent any potential damage occurring from penetration, they decrease the pain factor and ensure smooth sailing throughout the session.

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